April 12, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



    • Leave work surfaces clear!
    • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
    • Liability waiver legibility.
    • Talk to the wardens.
    • Have you checked the wishlist?

Old business

  • Lathe purchase
    • $200 discount. Behold the power of procrastination.
  • CNC Update
    • Software installed on CNC and CAD workstations. See Coy or Ryan for help with home installs.
  • PTDR
  • Library Events
    • Lorin needs more helpers for this.
    • The Clermont County library is doing a maker faire on 7/25 and we should go! Dave B's wife is helping set it up.
  • Consumatools

New Business

  • DNS comedy?


  • Reminders at light speed!
  • Lathe purchase
    • Started a summer sale, price went down by $200. Still waiting on updated quote.
  • Power Mule Tool Drag Racing
    • Sealed the deal (flirting?) and will be going!
    • Still hunting for 3rd party sponsoring
      • Bosch, maybe. They might get back.
    • Going out there via LTL.
    • We're gonna contact local Boy Scouts to help out
  • Library events - volunteer for the things
    • Megan's Law applies, though, so Jon's out
  • Consumable tools
    • $500 for drill bits & tap and die set
      • Brad is announcing a vote for $500 for this shit.
    • Other tools could get purchased, too
  • CNC Area Update
    • No real news
    • But seriously, the layout
      • Shit takes up a lot of room
      • Ideas? Anyone? Bueller? E-mail Brad.

New Business

  • Basic training class for basic shit like drilling holes and tapping holes, because some of you idiots hosers rookies seem to need this.
  • Kevin wants a vote for an aluminum spool gun for the MIG welder.
  • Dammit, Ian.
  • Dustin wants a policy where you can only keep your shit in the Fab Lab for two weeks.
    • Big discussion for not loaning tools
  • Kevin cut the go-kart apart
  • Elly is going through wood storage.
    • Every quarter she'll do this again.
    • The storage is for actively used projects.
    • Don't keep shit here long-term.


  • Ryan - Welded (badly) on metal storage rack. Installed VCarve.
  • Dustin - found a crate for PTDR
  • Jim - laser cutting gears
  • Coy - working on plan for CNC area
  • Franklin - crate, power tool drag racing
  • Daniel - new - needs help with Arduino project
  • Raj - new - CivE - here with Daniel
  • Tim - learning how to draw, DIY crossbow
  • John - contour detector to CNC carve odd shapes
  • Elly - distressed at having to make distressed beer holders, pondering on laser class
  • Bill - did fuck-all nothing in Florida
  • Dave - modifying router table, working on restoring old car
  • Andrew - nothing, as usual
  • Brad - trying to get CNC area together
  • Alec - designs for kitchen cabinets
  • Greg - lazy fucker, did nothing
  • Katie - been radioactive
  • Ken - watched Greg pitch lots of useful stuff
  • Kevin - work on chargers (Q-I-Key????), OBD, bore scopes