April 21, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • CNC Update
  • Gigabot
  • Power Series

New Business

  • New Chairs!
  • Soda Machine Has Been Restocked
  • Possible Motorcycle Engine Available (shadoxx)
  • Canbam Software for CNC


  • John - Got married!
  • Tiffany - baby stuff, teaching
  • Greg - Guest
  • Andrew
  • Dave L - Yard work, beehive
  • Julien - went to Purdue Uni, got Canbam license
  • Hodapp - started batch of non-exploding stuff
  • Coy - Hasn't done a lot
  • Ryan - Gigabot, learning how to run CNC
  • Brandon - drove a vette, cried
  • Jon -
  • Dustin - school stuff
  • Brad - UV flashlight, stuff with UV flashlight
  • Nancy - Kinetics festival, worked on motorcycle
  • Loren - housework, spring cleaning, woodworking
  • Jim S - power series stuff, progress!
  • Drake - started from the bottom, now we're here
  • Ian - stuff
  • Mike - worked in the lab
  • Brent - went to Louisville, took exam


  • CNC Update
    • Working for the most part according to Coy. Jon is trying to get it to work with the KFlop
  • Gigabot Update
    • Temperature adjustment is done, nozzle still clogged. Ryan is "taking a blowtorch" to it tonight to try and clear it up. Update pending.
  • Power Series
    • Working on drive train, near gears. Chain is aligned properly! Doing a trial run tonight.
    • First race is at the end of June.
  • New Chairs in lounge. Horrendously ugly, but they are comfy.
  • Canbam
    • Julien has gotten us a free license for the Canbam CNC software! Replaces Slicer as a software component.
  • Fence Posts
    • Tiffany has fence posts available. Green metal fence posts. See her.