April 22, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Stuff/COO
  • Hive13 propaganda

New Business


  • Mike
  • Nancy
  • Hutch--started with RaspPi this week
  • ryan--working on rasp pi touchscreen lcd thingie
  • Dave--fixed a loaptop
  • Jim--treasurer, worked on cindy lou
  • Brent--m--stepper motor interface
  • Chris--m--15 weddings to go to this year
  • Jon--holed up studying, met with CAC
  • Jeff--new visitor, reffered by Brandon
  • Shadox AKA brandon, got fired but signe a deal with lucifer
  • megan--1st time vistor, referred by randon
  • Reuben--2nd time here.github and rain barrel
  • Bill--finalized design of pixe
  • Arliss--m
  • Ron--curious visitor
  • Angie--new visigor
  • Tom--longtime tinkerer, 1st time visitor.
  • Jason--m--packing up to move. last meeting to be here
  • Jason--router/server/video stuff
  • Barry--
  • Ian--president
  • Josh--visiting again


  • Jon--CAC
    • Got a few more details
    • 2 nights we will be there: July 3 "light up the nights" . other nightJuly23 will be fablab night.
      • drawable circuits etc!
      • Demos will be needed
  • rep from CAC will come visit before june.
  • Reuben--was reading about green umbrella
    • wants to explore front between green and technology
  • Amy (arrived late)
    • communities are branding themsleves as a "certain type of neighborhood"
    • Camp washington could be an "echo-tech village"
    • Living green building challenge.
  • Jon--charter schools Mosaica
    • want a rep at the meeting this thursday
  • Pamphlets and stuff
    • will send to printer soon
    • look at it, it's on the mailing list!
    • slightly smaller and less money
  • Hive financials--no
  • Ian--we are 1 month overdue on board meeting
  • Dave--we need to refile with secretary of state.
    • 25th of this month is 5 year anniversay of Hive
  • Ian's computer is fried
  • Jon--someone ahs adopted the CNC area
  • other people, plz adopt other areas!
  • Ian--we have someone come driving thru from chicago hackerspace.
    • He will be here betwen 12 and 3.
  • Ian really wants to get RFID on front door done but is short on time.
    • Ian would like to borrow hutch's hammer drill
    • If you can help on front door project talk to ian.
  • Jason will not be here. other people need to organize game day.