April 24, 2012

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

Ongoing Business

New Business


  • Paul
  • Chris Hodapp
  • Brandon (Shadoxx)
  • John (Guest) - Nerds on Site, Moving to Cincinnati from Chicago (gradually)
  • Ed
  • Bill
  • Brent -
  • Mike - IT
  • Jim - Mech E.
  • Dave Menninger
  • Chris Davis
  • Jon Neal
  • Sam - (Guest) UC, Aerospace - Startup in Cincinnati


  • Electrical & AC on hold
  • Teens are getting drunk on hand sanitizer.
  • Paul - Air Compressor
    • Part has arrived.
  • Dave Menninger
    • SWON - SW Ohio network of libraries, want to join as an institution.
      • What do they want, want to host events, bring in members of institutions, high school libraries.
      • How big? 10ish
      • Kinda vague, Dave asked them to come down
      • Nathan is the contact, pay for a year in advance
    • Similar email from, "Possible Worldwide" Guy who was working on makerfaire, friends w/ a guy who works w/ girl scouts
      • GS want to also connect w/ us.
      • Dave has not yet emailed the GS contact.
  • Jon Neal
    • Lights were left on, doors left open.
    • Make sure doors are shut.
    • Email the mailing list
    • Clean up after yourself.
  • Brandon
    • Beer pong
  • Detroit Maker Faire? We should start planning now.
    • Mailing List