April 25, 2009

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First meatspace meeting!


Clifton Panera


  • I. Introductions
  • II. Organizational discussion
    • A. Non-profit, etc
    • B. Dealing with Money
      • 1. Revenue Stream Brainstorming
    • C. Decision making
  • III. Membership
    • A. First thoughts
      • 1. Limits on numbers?
      • 2. New member policies and processes
  • IV. The Physical Space
    • A. Must Haves
    • B. Wants
    • C. Basic Rules Discussion
  • V. Working Groups
    • A. Paper Pushers
    • B. Meatspacers
    • C. Toolmongers
    • D. More?



I. Introductions

II. Organizational discussion

A. Non-profit, etc

501.3(c) requirements? JasonB will own followup by 5/9 Meeting. Nathan says, trick big nonprofits use: create 2 corps, corp A that owns all assets. corp B does all the "work." corp A does business with corp B (leasing space, etc). infrastructure then becomes safer from liability and if change is needed, corp b can dissolve and corp c can form, etc.

B. Dealing with Money

1. Revenue Stream Brainstorming
  • Membership dues
  • Paid Lectures
  • eCommerce web site
  • Purchase equipment, sell time
  • Selling soda etc - vending machines,
  • Have separate meeting space, separately physically secured from where tools etc are

C. Decision making

  • Legal requirements for having a board
  • rotating board members who make decisions. small group for controlling infrastructure. suggestion for large group for controlling membership issues.
  • complete transparancy is important. bank statements open, etc.

D. Other

  • One of these hackerspaces in another city has organized as Vocational School - which one? What are the benefits?
  • We need to always consider insurance policies
  • Need to draft a limit of liability contract

III. Membership

A. First thoughts

1. Limits on numbers?
  • Not be limited terribly at first, don't want to discourage interest
  • Are scene whores really a problem? If they're paying and not wasting space, let them come.
  • Nathan suggests keeping as small as possible (based on financial considerations for space) and plan for expansion later.
  • Dave suggests keeping initial meetings smaller until we get more decisions made.
2. New member policies and processes
  • DaveM suggests restrictive membership process
  • ChrisA concerned with limited population interested in this sort of endeavor
  • NathanC summarized the policy, "Turn No One Away, But Don't Advertise"
3. Other
  • JasonC says, "what do we want to call ourselves?"
  • ChrisA suggests the legal entity will have a very generic name so that it can fit anything we want later, good idea
  • Suggest lockers for members to store sensitive stuff, ErikC indicates we can probably scrounge old high school lockers

IV. The Physical Space

A. Assumptions

  • Space will have electricity, heating, air conditioning, running water, physical security, bathroom
  • No other issues that would negatively affect the members or the projects or equipment in the building (leaky roof, bugs, etc)

B. Must Haves

  • Ability to run data (phone, cable)
  • Must be modifiable, down to electrical infrastructure (breaker panel access)
  • 24 access
  • Parking, preferably secured
  • Must have no problems with noise

C. Wants

  • Shower facilities
  • Utility sinks
  • Higher ceilings are better, drop ceiling OK too.
  • Carpet sucks. Dirty, flammable, have to clean it. Want at least significant area not carpeted.
  • Area where we can hold swap meet or other such large outdoor events (ie, parking lot, field, etc)
  • Loading dock
  • Garage doors, double doors, or other such large doors
  • Open space preferred, we will subdivide as necessary
  • Kitchen area
  • Ventilation ability, place to build a hood or ability to vent nasty shit.
  • Outdoor area (deck etc) for smokers, etc
  • Located on ground floor or a big fucking elevator

D. Basic Rules Discussion

  • Can the space function as a place to crash?
  • Can people stay overnight? Initial reaction is no, then tempered.
  • This isn't a hostel, but we should have couches where people can crash
  • NathanC suggests that Executive Board has to vote unanimously to let anyone stay. Erik seconds, there should be some permission infrastructure put together.
  • JasonC brings up concerns about guests and theft of property, we don't want to risk people's stuff.
  • ChrisM brings up question about physical access security, how will it be handled? Not sure, depends on space.
  • Food or Drink in working areas?
  • Answer postponed dependant on actual space, but "No Sandwiches on Routers" is a given. Guy to report on thermal conductive properties of ham.
  • No smoking inside
  • Don't steal other people's stuff without asking (materials)

D. Places were looking at, see Google group page

  • First look was a bust
  • Looking at other spaces actively
  • How much can we afford? Not really sure, yet.

E. Other

  • ChrisA suggests pursuing shortest possible lease terms so that we can re-evaluate expansion plans depending on participation
  • What is "central" in regards to location? CincyLUG are nerds and did some sort of map-based evaluation, then didn't use it.

V. Working Groups

A. Paper Pushers (Legal)

  • JasonB
  • ErikC
  • NathanC

B. Meatspacers (Space & Infrastructure)

  • JasonB
  • JohnM
  • RyanW
  • NathanC
  • ErikC
  • DaveM

C. Tool and Skillmongers (Equipment and Tool Sourcing)

  • RyanW
  • ErikC
  • ChrisA

D. Scroungers and Scavengers (Finders of Things)

  • RyanW
  • JasonC
  • JohnM
  • ChrisH
  • GuyD
  • ChrisM

E. Propagandists (Design, Schwag, and Naming)

  • ChrisA
  • JasonC
  • JohnM
  • NathanC
  • ChrisH

F. Communications (Web, IRC, etc)

  • JasonC
  • ChrisA
  • DaveM
  • JasonB

VI. Planning Meetings

A. How often?

  • Every 2 weeks to start? Yes.
  • Next meeting 5/9, 1pm, location TBD, but will default to same Panera in Clifton if no other choices are found.

B. Where?

  • Panera sucks (no conf room in Clifton)
  • ErikC & ChrisA have contacts and access to various places inside UC Medical, will investigate and advise
  • DaveM reports that the Cincy LUG using the library in pleasant ridge, ErikC points out library on Ludlow has room in basement
  • Do they have wifi? Dave says yes (he works for the library, restricted to port 80 and 443)
  • DaveM followup with feasibilty of meeting in the Library