April 28, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Laser

New Business

  • Dustin's internship
  • Contemporary arts center
  • Throw away fablab scrap!
  • UC surplus caravan
  • Area warden meeting
  • KC Maker faire


  • Forgot


  • Laser fundraiser
    • If nothing happens with rabbit laser we will start fundraising tomorrow
  • Windows License?
    • Julien would like to have a license for windows for the shapeoko computer
  • Jaime - Contemporary Arts Center** They will be having more
    • May 13th - Superhero technology
    • June - light the night (CHECK DATE)
    • July 19th - sound hacks (CHECK DATE)
    • If it is ok with us they may have teens stop
  • Will has a fablab scrap measuring thing
    • Piece of arcylic. If scrap is smaller than this piece throw it away
  • Dustin's intership for the summer
    • He needs to co-op this summer before he goes to UC.
    • He wants to volunteer at the hive for 40 hrs/week for the summer quarter/semester.
    • Sort of testing the water to see if we want to have people working for the hive.
    • It will be unpaid.
    • Would be great to have so we have regular open hours besides Tuesdays.
    • He would do grant writing, networking, and maintenance for the space as well.
    • Still a handful of items that need to be hashed out.
    • Ryan - What is your major? How well does the hive fit with the major. Wouldn't be great to have Dustin be a 40 hr/week janitor.
    • He wants to help non profits grow which is why he wants to learn about grant writing, networking, etc.
    • Since it is an internship is the hive going to have a set of tasks/goals that need to be accomplished before the end of the semester?
    • Will - Can we have him teach classes for half of his work time?
    • Jon - We should think about having one or two people in charge of managing this.
  • UC surplus sale will be this weekend
    • Ryan will send something to the mailing list about meeting there.
  • Area wardens will be meeting after this meeting.
  • Marker board for the fab lab.
    • We have some sitting around, use one of those?
  • Kansas City Maker faire power series
    • If you are going and want to get a cheaper hotel room talk to Ian Wilson.