April 29, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Stuff/COO
  • Outreach
  • Hive13 propaganda

New Business

  • Board meeting
  • Introduction and description of meshnet project by Coulter
  • Publicity idea: flying pig


  • Mike--3d printed a trophy
  • Tiffany--graduated!
  • Emily--trying to make a knitting loom
  • Brad--visitor, looking for employment in Cincinnati--designing alarm clock
  • Andy -learning to work on computers
  • Ryan - 3D printed rasp pi enclosure
  • Dave - rebuilt a site
  • Hutch -- burned up an xbee
  • Jeff-- completed making a laptop
  • Brandon AKA Shadoxx --started working for Ian, got a tattoo, turned 25
  • Jason--working on many things
  • Dave
  • Brent--put program on rasp pi
  • Starbuck (m)--not up to anything. new job.
  • Coulter -- 2nd time visitor, community organizer
  • Bill--m--3D printer stuff
  • Arlis -- learning to change transmission
  • Jon--blew up stepper motor controller
  • Brad--repairing star trek uniform
  • Sean--new, converting big blue van.
  • Nancy--adopting the kitchen! we are not supposed to use washing machine upstairs
  • Franklin--grinding a key
  • Jim--working on and document robot


  • Space stuff
    • we have a large roof leak
      • do not put stuff in corner by windows
    • people have been helping keep the space clean by adopting areas--great!
      • would be awesome to to have someone adopt dirty room and electronics
      • Hutch volunteered
      • Jeff volunteered
  • Outreach
    • Not looking like CPS science night will happen
    • Shadoxx has talked to boone county recently
      • Jake is new youth services guy at boone county.
      • new goal: small Makerspace within boone county library?
      • shadoxx and interested volunteers will be in contact with library
    • Jon: CAC: finalized website blurb.
  • Pamphlets and propoganda
    • examples have been posted. Font concerns etc. discussed briefly.
  • Proposal to spend money on brochures! $300. we will vote next week.
  • New businesses
    • Ian went to Mosaica meeting (charter school interested in working with Hive)
  • meeting went to 11PM, will have to wait for Ian for update
  • Board meeting
    • has not happened yet
    • stay tuned for date/time if you want to attend
  • Coulter--
    • Private vendor user
    • meshnet--software and support side.
    • community organizer, nerd, not programmer.
    • looking for Hive members interested in this project.
  • Nancy--Flying Pig (not the big pig gig)
    • possible thought for next year--we could set up a booth for publicity
    • stuff sold by vendors