April 5, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



    • Leave work surfaces clear!
    • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
    • Liability waiver legibility.
    • Talk to the wardens.
    • Have you checked the wishlist?

Space Updates

Old business

  • Lathe purchase
  • Clermont County library makerfaire
  • CNC Update
    • Vectric - Ryan
    • Machine and Training - Coy
  • PTDR
  • Library Events
    • Lorin needs more helpers for this.
    • The Clermont County library is doing a maker faire on 7/25 and we should go! Dave B's wife is helping set it up.

New Business

  • None scheduled. This will change.


General Reminders

  • Housekeeping: clean your shit up.
  • Noise curfew: Sometime before 10:30 PM, shut up! Resume fire at 7:00 AM.
  • Liability waivers: make them legible. Make sure they're legible.
  • Wish list: Add shit you want the Hive to have to it.

Old Business

  • Lathe
    • Just going to order the lathe. Discount not worth it
    • Won't ship out until May 1 at the earliest.
  • Maker faire: no one's working with Lorin, and he's not here, so no updates.
    • Maker faire events at local area libraries. If you're interest, let us know.
  • CNC Update: License is in.
    • Coy's waiting on the software. Working with Dustin and/or Lorin.
    • E-stop working at least somewhat. It's a clusterfuck, but disabling the screensaver helps.
    • Greg made decent progress on wiring it.
  • Power Tool Drag Racing
    • Been back and forth with Louise at SF. Haven't heard anything yet. Fully expect ot hear everything on.
    • Notice from Detroit - call for makers.
    • Discussion with Bosch - talked with corporate people about sponsorship, waiting to hear back.
  • Lawyers are taking forever to review the room addition lease.

New Business

  • Crickets Dammit, Brad
    • Propose a budget for hand tool upgrade
    • Larger purchase and then replenish through warden budget
    • Maybe buy a goddamn toolbox (Ian says silence with this witchcraft)
    • Brad's going to organize a Google Doc.


  • Ryan - dunno what he did. Must've been drunk. Remembers PowerShell and pain. Eat ramen in the cabinet.
  • Dustin - working on school stuff
  • Jim - PTDR, teaspoon turbine, bell/light
  • Hodapp - mostly school work
  • Elly - new necklaces, stained beer holders
  • Jon - more work on metal storage, very shitty welds
  • Chris - new - here taking a look
  • Casey - new - instructor at Scarlet Oaks, taking a look
  • Tim - fuck-all nothing, worried about job search
  • Mike - had exterior doors replaced, so painting
  • Coy - CNC area, shipped out a safe
  • Franklin - PTDR shipping logistics
  • Ken - here as Kevin
  • Tommy - making guitar tuner, network device drivers
  • Nancy - pulled out a sewing machine and evaluated the ones we have
  • Brad - cleaned the john, iPad died, wife liked the new one, now he has two
  • Matt - working on a pepper mill for Christmas 2015 (yup)
  • Joey - just visiting
  • Ian - being bored at work, set up new 3D printer he stole from somewhere he refuses to mention
  • Greg - accidentally invaded Switzerland, tore apart charging system on bike
  • Dave - working on stereo and old Porsche