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Overview and Rationale

Hive13 maintains a list of documented assets for financial accounting purposes. The list is updated annually in conjunction with preparation of the annual report filed with the office of the Ohio Attorney General.

Each year, some assets may be scrapped or sold and removed from the list. At the same time new assets may be loaned, donated, purchased, or otherwise acquired and added to the list

The current asset list appears below.

Dynamic List (Work In Progress)

Below is a list of pages using the Asset template. These are notable tools at Hive13 that have been documented on the wiki. They may have special requirements for their use.

Hive13 Asset List as of 20200513 (yyyymmdd) (Static list)

Asset Tag # Asst Description Update Status
HV0001 Drink Vending Machine Equipment
HV0002 Popcorn Machine Equipment
HV0003 Dress Form Sewing
HV0004 Sewing Machine, Brother CS6000i Sewing
HV0005 Grommet Press Sewing
HV0006 Serger, Brother 1034D Sewing
HV0007 MAME Cabinet Equipment
HV0008 Air Conditioner w/ heat pump, Frigidaire 240 VAC HVAC
HV0009 Projector, BENQ Audio/Video
HV0010 Galileo's Finger
HV0011 AV Reciever, Onkyo Audio/Video
HV0012 Desktop Computer, ICT (new Orwell) Network Computing
HV0013 Laptop (former Lounge) Network Computing
HV0014 TV, LG (former Lounge) Audio/Video
HV0015 Laser Printer, Dell xxxx Network Computing
HV0016 Scanner, Fujitsu SnapScan S1500 Network Computing
HV0017 Acer i3 Desktop Computer, Acer i3 Network Computing
HV0018 Dymo LabelWriter 450 Administration
HV0019 Bosch Cube Boombox Audio/Video
HV0020 Husky ToolChest Storage
HV0021 Rolling Table Furnishings
HV0022 Rolling Worktable Furnishings
HV0023 Welding Table (Standing) Furnishings
HV0024 Welding Table (Sitting) Furnishings
HV0025 Rolling Workstable (Fablab) Furnishings
HV0026 Butcher Table Furnishings
HV0027 Refrigerator, Kenmore Elite (black) Kitchen
HV0028 Dishwasher, Maytag xxx Kitchen
HV0029 Stove, Frigidaire Self Cleaning Kitchen
HV0030 Air Conditioner, Kitchen HVAC
HV0031 Microwave
HV0032 Dehydrator, Excalibur Food
HV0033 Label Maker, Brother model PT1240 (black/white)
HV0034 Laminator, Amazon Basics
HV0035 Power Tool Drag Racing Light Kit
HV0036 CoatRack
HV0037 Black 5-Shelf Unit (1 of 2, also see HV0062)
HV0038 Easel
HV0039 Enco Mill (loan from Paul Vincent)
HV0040 Plasma Table
HV0041 36" metal break
HV0042 Beverly Shear
HV0043 Decrepit Hose Reel
HV0044 Standing Bar Bender
HV0045 SGI Server Rack
HV0046 Desktop Computer ICT (Old Orwell)
HV0047 Ladder, Little Giant
HV0048 Ladder, 6' Aluminum Step
HV0049 Ladder, 6' Fiberglass (yellow)
HV0050 Appliance Dolly (Loan from Dave Lear)
HV0051 Roland CNC (loan from Kevin McLeod)
HV0052 Blue Rolling Tooling Cabinet
HV0053 Millrite Vertical Mill (loan from Jim Dallam)
HV0054 7 Oxygen Bottles
HV0055 unused available for use
HV0056 Glass Torch, Nortel Minor (#1 of 2)
HV0057 Glass Torch, Nortel Minor (#2 of 2)
HV0058 Glass Torch, GTT Bobcat
HV0059 Glass Torch, Carlyle CC
HV0060 Kiln, Paragon SC-2 Silver & Glass
HV0061 Annealing Torch, Red
HV0062 Black 5-Shelf Unit (2 of 2, also see HV0037)
HV0063 Metal Lathe, Grizzly G0776
HV0064 ShopVac, Black Craftsman
HV0065 Toolbox, Red Craftsman
HV0066 Air Compressor, Ingersol Rand 2340L5
HV0067 Sand Blaster
HV0068 Bandsaw, Horizontal Metal, Harbor Freight (red)
HV0069 Bench Grinder, Ryobi BGH827
HV0070 Surface Grinder, Central Machinery 6" x 12" (loan from Jim Dallam)
HV0071 TIG Welder, Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT
HV0072 Snuffleupagus blower
HV0073 MIG Welder, Miller MIL907422
HV0074 Bench Grinder, Porter Cable 6"
HV0075 Bench Grinder, Green
HV0076 Glass Edge Grinder, GlaStar Super Star II
HV0077 Chop Saw, Metal, Craftsman DrillMaster Black
HV0078 Chop Saw, Metal, Makita LC1230
HV0079 Angle Grinder, 7" Makita
HV0080 Big CNC
HV0081 Omer Plastic Nail Gun B17P.763
HV0082 Wood Lathe, Delta 46-463
HV0083 Drillpress, Dayton 3Z918
HV0084 Wood Shaper, Rockwell 43-122
HV0085 Air Conditioner, Frigidaire (#1 of 2)
HV0086 Air Conditioner, Frigidaire (#2 of 2)
HV0087 Planer, 8" Delta 22-560
HV0088 Jointer, 6" Craftsman 103.23900 (loan from Jim Dallam)
HV0089 Miter Saw, Sliding DeWalt DWS779
HV0090 Sander, Buffalo 4"x36" Belt & 6" Disk
HV0091 Drum Sander, Ryobi WDS1600
HV0092 Woodworking Bench, ?" length x ?" width
HV0093 Scroll Saw, Craftsman 315.216230
HV0094 Router Table, Rockler xxxx
HV0095 Hand Router, Bosch xxxx
HV0096 Bandsaw, 14" Delta 14", Model 28-203
HV0097 Sander, Spindle/Disk, Grizzly xxxx
HV0098 Table Saw, Steel City
HV0099 Dust Collector
HV0100 Air Filter
HV0101 Cabinet, Flammables (yellow)
HV0102 Drill Press, Ryobi Benchtop
HV0103 Belt Sander, 1" Delta xxxx
HV0104 Belt Sander, 1" Enco xxxx
HV0105 Arbor Press
HV0106 PortaBand, Milwaukee xxxx
HV0107 RotoZip
HV0108 Circular Saw, Ryobi xxxx
HV0109 Circular Saw, Ryobi CSB121
HV0110 Circular Saw, Ryobi yyyy
HV0111 Sawzaw, Milwaukee
HV0112 Router, Ryobi xxxx
HV0113 Plate Jointer, Dewalt DW682
HV0114 Biscuit Jointer, Ryobi JM80
HV0115 Nail Gun, Framing, Hitachi
HV0116 Nail Gun, 18 gage Brad, Porter Cable BN200A
HV0117 Nail Gun, 18-19 gage Brad, Toolshop 61832 (red)
HV0118 Nail Gun, 2-1/2" Finish, Hitachi NT65MA4(S)
HV0119 Staple Gun, Air, Central Pnumatic
HV0120 Tile Cutter
HV0121 Vacuum Pump, Big Orange
HV0122 Trebuchet
HV0123 Vinyl Cutter, make ? model ?
HV0124 CAD Work Station, Dell T3610
HV0125 3D Printer, Wiibox
HV0126 3D Printer, Ultimaker 2
HV0127 Dehydrator, Nesco
HV0128 Bench Power Supply, Protek
HV0129 Oscilloscope, Rigol DS1054
HV0130 Function Generator, Rigol D1022
HV0131 Multimeter, HP 3478a
HV0132 Solder Station, Weller WES50
HV0133 Soldering Iron, Metcal
HV0134 Power Supply, Tenma
HV0135 Multimeter, Fluke 45
HV0136 Function Generator, BK3040
HV0137 Desoldering Station
HV0138 Hot Air Gun, AOYUE 968
HV0139 Plastic Bender
HV0140 Small Laser Laptop
HV0141 Small Laser
HV0142 Big Laser
HV0143 Vacuum Former
HV0144 Big Laser Laptop
HV0145 Projector, Sharp NoteVison
HV0146 Laptop, Lenova
HV0147 Laptop, Lenova
HV0148 Laptop, Lenova
HV0149 Laptop, Lenova
HV0150 Laptop, Lenova
HV0151 Laptop, Lenova (Spare Hardware)
HV0152 Laptop, Lenova (Spare Hardware)
HV0153 Laptop, Lenova (Spare Hardware)
HV0154 Laptop, Lenova (Spare Hardware)
HV0155 Laptop, Lenova (Spare Hardware)
HV0156 Laptop, Lenova (Spare Hardware)
HV0157 Laptop, Lenova
HV0158 Laptop, Lenova
HV0159 Laptop, Lenova
HV0160 48-Port Switch, Make/Model
HV0161 48-Port Switch, Make/Model
HV0162 3D Scanner, CADScan Cubik
HV0163 3D Scanner, Handheld
HV0164 Air Conditioner
HV0165 Air Conditioner, Samsung
HV0166 48-Port Switch, ENTERASYS C5K125-48P2
HV0167 Server, SuperMicro (Dumpstor)
HV0168 Server, Dell Poweredge (Colony)
HV0169 UPS Backup, APC xxxx
HV0170 unknown
HV0171 unknown
HV0172 unknown
HV0173 unknown
HV0174 unknown
HV0175 unknown
HV0176 Tool Grinder, Rikon 80-805
HV0177 Rock Tumbler, 3-lb, Chicago Electric
HV0178 Ultrasonic Cleaner, TBOND Digital
HV0179 Wireless Microphone, AKG WS 40 Pro Mini 2
HV0180 Wireless Presentation System, Samson Concert 77
HV0181 Wireless Microphone System, Centerstage DKW-duo
HV0182 Monitor, Clinton Electronics Corp MX-26PVM
HV0183 Laptop, Toshiba Satellite Pro S300-EZ1512
HV0184 Air Compressor, Kobalt 60 gallon
HV0185 Stove, Maytag (white)
HV0186 Refrigerator, Samsung (white)
HV0187 Dishwasher, Maytag QuietSeries 100 (white)
HV0188 Microwave, LG LMV2031BD
HV0189 Jointer, 6" Rigid (loan from Doug Schmidt)
HV0190 Planer, Dewalt 12"
HV0191 Belt/Disk Sander, Central Machinery (4" x 36" & 6" dia.)
HV0192 Ladder, 4' Fiberglass (orange)
HV0193 Jig Saw, Black & Decker
HV0194 Drill Doctor, Model 250 Handyman
HV0195 Drill Doctor, (no model info)
HV0196 Scroll Saw (16" Throat) variable speed, WEN 3920
HV0197 Bread Maker, Oster 5814
HV0198 48-port Switch, ENTERASYS C5K125-48P2
HV0199 48-port Switch, ENTERASYS C5K125-48P2
HV0200 Pocket Screw Jig, Kreg
HV0201 Central Machinery Bench Drill Press, 5-Speed
HV0202 Angle Grinder, Bosch GSW10-45PE (1 of 2)
HV0203 Angle Grinder, Bosch GSW10-45PE (2 of 2)
HV0204 Phillips CD Boombox
HV0205 Bench Grinder, DeWalt (yellow)
HV0206 Husky Short ToolChest
HV0207 TV, Samsung Flatscreen (from BradW)
HV0208 Shelf Unit, 3-Shelves (black)
HV0209 Label Maker, Dymo LetraTag Hand held (grey)