Asset Tracking and Reporting

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Hive13 Project
Asset Tracking
Asset Tag Round.JPG
Status: Active
Project Owner: COO & CTO
Project Location: In the Ozone Layer
Where to contribute: Dubious
Start Date: 8/15/19
End Date: 12/31/2525



This project is to explore asset tracking tags for important Hive13 assets to accomplish:

  • Uniquely Identify the asset with a tracking number
  • Provide a consistent basis to audit the inventory of assets
  • If possible, use the tracking number as a link to the asset on the wiki.

Hive13 needs to report assets to the state of Ohio on an annual basis.

Project Manager

  • Dave Velzy (until he can find a volunteer)


  • Jim Dallam
  • Greg Arnold

Project Status

Began 8/15/19

Project Strategy

  • Explored what it takes to create QR links for 100 tools on the wiki
    • Generating and maintaining links to pre-generated QR codes seems to be a maintenance problem.
    • The cost of custom asset tags is roughly >4X the off the shelf price.
  • QR codes for web addresses are not small


  • Separate asset inventory tracking numbers from Human and Machine readable signs.
    • Hive13 then buys off the shelf serialized asset tags for $60 / 100
    • Write an on demand procedure to print a Human and QR readable label from wiki data to post on the machine
    • The Human Readable tag can be laminated for protection.

Project Updates