August 11, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Trying something new. See Meeting Procedure... DaveMenninger

Status Updates / Old Business

  1. Insurance: Vendy
  2. Networking: Vendy
  3. Colo box: Vendy
  4. Party: Vendy dba Fuzz
  5. Lockbox: Craig
  6. Google Apps account nonprofit: Craig
  7. Stove/oven: John

New Business

  1. Should the double doors be left open?
  2. Vending drinks i.e. hackerspaces:The Club Mate Pattern
  3. new meeting format
  4. rob's big robot

Items to be Voted on

  • Leaving the double doors locked - quorum voted affirmative
    • we will leave the double doors locked when no one is at the space

Assigning Next Actions


  • Dave
  • Paul
  • Kibitz
  • Eric
  • Vendy
  • Hodapp
  • Than
  • Karl
  • Jim
  • starbuck
  • kris

(A quorum was present)


Insurance (Vendy)

  • we got a quote for $921 / year
  • this is a reasonable price
  • is the coverage good?
  • jason and jim are close to having a second quote
  • kibitz: can you borrow against the policy?
  • jim: liability vs. renters/property insurance
  • is this a votable item?
    • let's hold off on voting on this until we get the second quote if we can
  • vendy: also how will we pay for it
  • jim: i got the email just now: $700 / year
    • $25000
  • dave: let's make a deadline when we will definitely vote on this:
    • let's make sure it's done before the party
    • two meetings from now
  • mailing list the quotes so we can all look it over

Networking (Vendy)

  • party definitely on this weekend noonish saturday the 16th
  • thanks larry for donating 1000 ft.
  • pizza, drinks will be on hand
  • re-announce on mailing list
  • (kris has a adriatico's hookup)

Colo Box (Vendy)

  • is in place
  • and are up
  • the WP install is live
  • LDAP on Google Apps? can they interconnect
  • dave: what is the deal with accounts?
    • vendy: you can get a WP on the web
    • if you want a shell account, ask craig

Party (Vendy)

  • fuzz is a little bit too busy to be the party czar (due to wedding the week before?!)
  • dave: money decisions
  • starbuck: what about all the advertising
  • dave: i think we do need to have a party czar
    • kibitz: i can do it
  • OK, we need to get a lot done on this between now and then on the mailing list
  • vendy: we could just ditch the raffle and go silent auction only
  • ...

Lockbox (dave)

  • this is done. thanks craig!

GApps (dave)

  • still waiting... trying to figure this out

Stove (kibitz)

  • don't know how to turn on gas to space
  • needs to be moved over here
  • kris: this weekend may be able to get it
    • also the pop machine

Doors be left open?

  • craig: helps to leave it open due to lighting
  • paul: why not just get some nightlights
  • most people feel like it would be better to leave them locked (the double doors)
  • kris: vote?
  • starbuck: why wouldn't we leave it unlocked?
    • because random people could come in that way during the day
  • night lights or motion detect lights
  • vote: leave it locked when we are not here

vending drinks

  • what should be the general
  • label case by case
  • honor system donation in the can
  • recommended donation for can of pop: 50 cents?
  • also, label your own stuff if don't want other people to drink it
  • eventually vending machine = win
  • default rule: if it's not labeled, you can eat it

new meeting format

  • goal: speed
  • dave: keep in mind that we will have to step our game up in using our other tools
  • review other hackerspaces procedures for more...

wall robot

  • rob wants to know that it is cool to do it on the other wall instead of the initially proposed wall
  • also maybe move a freestanding thing from hall to in here
  • all approve - rob can do what he wants

Next Actions

  • vendy/jason/jim: mailing list the insurance discussion - compare quotes
  • karl/kibitz: get night lights and or motion lights, or whatever
  • everyone else: keep doing what you're doing - mailing list everything!