August 11, 2020

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Telecom

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 513-760-6776 and enter this PIN: 863 676 973#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:

2701 Buildout Floor Plan: File:2701InitialMoveInLayout.pdf

Weekly Meeting Agenda


  • The following items are mandatory for all members, guests and others entering our space:


  • The Moving Hive13 Trello Board has been updated with "To-Do" lists for each space
    • Feel free to edit/add items, but keep it to things needed to get us back to 2929 capabilities, or things that have already been vote approved
    • Please grab tasks from the board and drive them to completion! everyone can and should help!
  • Need to put some emphasis on getting the second bathroom electrical done so the landlord can have the plumber back out
  • Starting to work on a budget for items we know we need, but have not yet been voted to fund
    • Here is a rough draft
    • Most of the numbers are made up, we need people willing to take each item and make a detailed list of material and accurate cost estimate so we can better plan, please volunteer
    • all of this is open to discussion, please offer your constructive input

Upcoming Vote

  • PPE provided to all Hive 13 members, and more safety supplies (both
  • This includes:
    • Eye protection
    • Disposable face masks
    • Hearing protection
    • Cleaning supplies (we have paper towels and disinfectant spray, but cleaning supplies do go through phases of being hard to obtain. We never want to lapse on having this)
    • Wipes
    • Sanitizing supplies
    • Fire extinguishers

Frisbee Round

  • What creative or maker related things have you worked on recently or want to work on?
  • Guests: How did you hear about Hive13? What kind of activities are you interested in?



  • Kayla Lukawiecki, Ian Blais, Dave Velzy, Gautam Saaraswath, Lisa Crump, John Clark, Brad Walsh, Chris Hodapp, Ralph Blumberg, Chris Davis

COVID Response

  • Feedback on response to COVID-19 Scare
    • Overall member feedback is that response was appropriate and handled properly. CDC guidelines are the most accurate guidelines.
  • Update to sign in sheet for contact information, particularly needed for guests. These should be in the space 8/12.
      • Sign in sheets are also being scanned as they fill up for reference
  • Here is a link to updated health orders and press release information from DeWine
  • Please feel free to reach out to leadership ( if you have any questions or concerns. Seriously, please don't hesitate to ask questions, bring up concerns, or if you have ideas on how to improve our preparedness

Upcoming PPE Vote

  • Probably next week.
  • Add gloves to list
  • Hive branded safety glasses? Think about it
  • "You're a new member, here are your safety glasses"

Hive13 Updates

  • RFID access is SOOOOOOOOO CLOSE to being done.
  • Working on getting camera pointed to front door while we're figuring out other camera locations. Front door is an obvious spot.
  • Ian got the open/close switch back up and running, and it's better than ever.
    • Go Ian go! Thanks!!
  • Folks, clean up after yourselves. There's no dust collection, but we have shop vacs.
  • Ralph found some software that we qualify for free licenses as a non profit.
    • For Shapeko and Roland
    • Easel Pro - more user intuitive
    • V bit cuts and 2d cuts (please correct me if I'm wrong)
    • Associated with warden email to be used at Hive13
    • Thanks Ralph!!