August 13, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Many people learned to weld--Thanks Ryan!

New Business

  • Red dot laser on laser cutter dead? (Reported by Marcus on the mailing list)
  • Please take care of the hive
  • RFID access for tools
  • Improving electrical wiring in Hive


  • Ian "el Presidente"--RFID software
  • Mike Horwath--Learned to weld, Ultrabot
  • Tiffany Bell-Horwath--Brewing stand, Ultrabot
  • Ryan 1.0--Been moving, took welding class, setting up LED system
  • Ryan 2.0--12th week as a member, taught 16 people how to weld this weekend.
    • This will be last meeting with us-done with cinci co-op
    • Got wrist band project to stable test bed stage
  • Shaddox AKA Brandon--50% done with code academy's python tutorial. Will be reverse engineering HP printers.
  • Dave B--Devoured by moving and surprise plumbing adventures
  • John--can't really remember the last week
  • Marvin--making a lot of progress on arduino-powered multi-relay controller, would like help with shift register.
  • Jim
  • Bryan--happy to be here
  • Koi
  • Jim--started batch of pear cider, and learned to weld
  • Fraklin--get his filasturder kit, and has "color corrector" color^3 board to play with.
  • Jim--New full member, will be using laser cutter today
  • Dave Lear--Learned to weld
  • Jim Dallam--learned to weld. Met about Maker faires, working with Cindy Lou
  • Emily--Busy gardening, has fire-place log-sized zuccinis, and 5gal of peaches.
    • Finished crocheted socks, working on "knit in the round" socks.
  • Nancy--learned how to weld
    • Learned to make pizza in a gas grill at a campout
  • Tye Scott--working on awesome audio streaming (Mopidy), latency issues currently


  • Dave and John brought up Hive responsibility
    • Drill has taken a lot of wear in one month at the Hive.
    • Please be mindful of tools, take care of them, clean up after yourself!
    • If you don't know how to use something, ask first
    • If you break something, take responsibility to fix it or replace it
    • Clean up your work area, clean up your pop cans
    • This weekend is 3rd Saturday--cleanup Day! from about 10AM to 2. All help appreciated.
  • Laser cutter
    • Laser is likely out of alignment
    • Bill is the expert who has realigned laser in the past
    • Shaddox volunteering to take a look at manual and try realigning
    • Jim D will also take a look and help.
  • Welding class wrap-up
    • Welder power is locked up--if you have been trained, get the code from Ian
    • Tiffany recorded the welding class, it's on the Hive computer
    • Ian--in the future, there will be a requirement to demo your proficiency in the welder if you want access without taking a class
    • Shaddox suggested using IRC for controlling access to the welder
    • Ian--RFID is the planned solution for access
  • Discussion shifted to general tool access system--For Laser Cutter, 3D printer, etc
    • RFID access to use different tools is the goal
    • Talk to Ian if you want to learn some Ruby on Rails and help with this project
    • 51% of members are using RFID currently--good adoption
    • Mike--paper list of names associated with each tool could be a temporary solution
    • Marvin--would rather we go straight for a permanent system
  • Ian--Concern over electrical wiring in dirty room (AKA wet room)
    • Ian and John are interested in taking initiative to look for electrician
    • We need to be crystal clear where we want the power drops--last time there were issues.
    • The 240V power line going to the welder is way too thin
    • John--we also want a new power drop in the main room for large power tools.
    • Ian--Also need to spend some time following power wires and labeling the breaker box
    • Discussion continued by interested members after the meeting