August 18, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  1. Insurance: Vendy || Fuzz || Jim || Erik
  2. Network: Vendy
  3. Grand Opening: Kibitz
  4. Stove/oven: Kibitz
  5. Pop Machine: Kibitz || PlayerTwo

New Business

  1. MakerBot: Dave
  2. Form 1023 Draft: Dave
  3. TODO List: Dave
  4. Mendelson's Trip: Dave
  5. Space Cleanup - Donations: Craig
  6. Sketchduino - Joe

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions


  • Paul
  • Craig
  • Chrisha
  • ChrisA
  • Kibitz
  • Jim
  • Vendy
  • Dave
  • Joe
  • Fuzz
  • Kris


Demo of Sketchduino from Joe

  • software takes 400x300 bmp, creates a big array
    • creates a line drawing instructions out of that array
    • send the instructions to the steppers
  • two types of ways to draw - more linear or more random
  • arduino buffers the instructions and sends them to steppers
  • built a website, sells permanent etch-a-sketched images
  • flexible couplers between steppers and etch-a-sketch knobs
  • screen is about 800x600 "pulses", convert into 400x300 "pixels"
  • input a variable to compensate for the play in the knobs, different for each etch-a-sketch
  • demo: hive13 logo! :)

Jim proposal: egg bots

  • bots that draw on eggs
  • we could make like a product kit similar to makerbot
  • we could do like educational "camp" thing in the summer with kids to draw on eggs
  • Jim: i can lead it and i'd like to get others involved
  • maybe even Rob can help us understand projections
  • lots of different variables to consider. exciting!
  • official egg-bot meeting: next week on tuesday

project structure

  • work on making a project template on the wiki
  • we would all like to see multiple projects ongoing
  • Joe: maybe we could even be a "Center of Excellent"

insurance - fuzz

  • we have two quotes
  • something around $650 and something around $900
  • dave: how will we decide which one is better?
    • apples to apples
    • what is covered?
  • fuzz: would a major claim kill our org?
  • jim: are we required to have insurance by our lease? yes.
  • chris: liability may be more important than property right now
    • craig: but we will be getting nicer stuff as we go
  • fuzz: we may need to go back in and adjust one or the other so we can compare
  • kibitz: time and energy is non-neglible
  • chris went to the legal concerns for hackerspaces panel at defcon and liability was the most important thing
  • dave: last week we said we wanted it done before the party
  • jim: do we have the cash to pay the first premium? answer: sort of.
    • craig: we can make it happen, it will be tight.
    • jim: by next tuesday we will have an apples to apples comparison
  • craig: if we could pay monthly that would be nice

gaining members

  • did the mixer help? sort of, not really
  • fuzz: todo item: invite other groups, etc

network - vendy

  • all major cable runs done
  • still need to terminate ends, config rack
  • cable management, etc
  • whenever eric is available it will get done
  • fuzz brought a bunch of misc cable that is up for grabs

internet - craig

  • still waiting on TW. (boo)
  • vendy: let us know when it's here
  • can we call and complain?
  • chris: give me contact, i will try to pull strings...

grand opening - kibitz

  • invite out new neighbors to the party
  • pr, see above... not getting done?
  • dave: it's time to start taking names
    • fuzz will bring keg of beer
    • chris will bring macaroni
    • craig: maybe try and get everyone to do at least one thing
  • kibitz: this thursday: a clean up / set up day
  • chris: i have an armored laptop for silent auction
  • maybe we need like a street team
    • fuzz will make a 8.5x11 poster
  • kibitz: collection of cash?
    • do we need more lock-boxes? aprons?
    • we need official money taking designated people

stove / oven / pop machine

  • truck is offline right now
  • stuff will get here when it is back and working

makerbot - dave

  • ...

form 1023 draft

todo list

  • this should be the place you look if you are looking for something to do
  • this ought to tie in with the "projects template" etc - organizing work
  • shelving - is anyone tasked with this? spend the $100 we budgeted?

space clean up - craig

  • we need to go through and see what we can get rid of
  • we need to start the deadline system
  • escalating warnings
  • tape off an area? the dead area
  • craig: make an actual inventory for starters to tell people what is here that is going
  • one month from now = first deadline
  • we have no workbench - we need shelves bad!


  • trip is this saturday
  • see mailing list

Next Actions

  • jim - organize eggbot team
  • jim & fuzz - compare insurance apples to apples, post to mailing list
  • fuzz - send invites to other local clubs, etc.
  • vendy - wrap up networking cable management along with eric the cabling ninja when he is available
  • craig & chris - work on getting Time Warner to install our internet asap
  • someone? - step up the PR efforts for the party
  • fuzz - make 8.5x11 flyer to print/copy/spread
  • everyone - volunteer to help with the party somehow (and put your name down!)
  • kibitz - organize clean up party on 08/20
  • craig & kibitz - figure out the money taking logistics at the party
  • dave - continue working with mom to fill out form 1023
  • kibitz & craig - coordinate the junk rules / equipment disposal system