August 18, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Noise Curfew Reminder - No loudness from midnight to 8am.
  • Hive13 seeks meeting scribe for meaningful conversation, moonlit walks, furious typing.
  • meetup - Recap
  • New Laser Cutter Progress
    • No major updates
    • The laser fundraiser is still open. Speak with Jon Neal to get your half price minutes now.
  • Electrical update
  • Hive13 T-Shirt Pre-orders?
  • PTDR
    • Behold. Blinky numbers.
    • Cincinnati August 29 and 30
    • Louisville in middle of September
    • Invited to New York Maker Faire
  • Cincinnati MakerFaire - August 29 and 30. Three weekends remain for preparation. What ideas do you have for MakerFaire?
    • Schedule
    • Tables have been set up as a staging area. Bring forth your projects.
  • Hive cleanups every other week.
  • Space Reorganization
  • Fire Safety
    • Any contact with our landlords?

New Business

  • Large CNC
  • Barrels on the loading dock
  • Books by the Banks


  • Ryan -
  • Shadoxx - moving
  • Ian W -
  • Dustin -
  • Hodapp - just started grad school, work on the foundry
  • Brad - lots of interviews
  • Peter - Has been busy
  • Nancy - Went to nascar in mid ohio
  • Jim Chen - Just moved and trying to build a standing desk
  • Brent - Been messing with sonic pi
  • Kevin - PTDR
  • Julien - Packing, packing, packing, assembled leetplacer at work. Crappy kit. Similar to Photovoltaics at cincy makerfaire.
  • Elly - Got a sewing machine for her birthday and made a duct tape shirt form. Ordered the t-shirts today.
  • Jon - Went camping last weekend
  • Gabe - last week at the hive! Lots of php stuff for several projects.
  • Greg - Got back from defcon last week. Did some electrical wiring.
  • Jim S - No longer President, working on the power racing series. Talk to him if you want to go to New York makerfaire for PRS.
  • Franklin - PTDR, went to the smithsonian.
  • Brad Walsh - drove to florida and back in the last week.
  • Bill - Gained a grandson
  • Mike - Worked on his airsoft robot. Went to a breastfeeding anti-censorship thing.
  • Coy - worked on the CNC, cut out some greek letters for tylergetsay
  • Jim Dallam - Power tool drag racing
  • Will - Feels like he accomplished nothing
  • Daniel - blew his back out


Old business

  • Noise curfew - follow it!
  • We still need a secretary
  • Laser update
    • Nothing major
  • Electrical upgrade
    • We are almost there!
    • This saturday will probably be the big cable run.
  • Power Tool Drag Racing
    • Website is coming together
    • Schedule for the next few months is listed in agenda
    • If you want to new york schedule now!
  • Cincy makerfaire
    • We still need people to volunteer. Only need to work a few hours.
    • Any exhibits welcome as well
    • We got a write up on the makerfaire website!
  • Space reorganization
    • Probably still a month away from anything major
  • fire inspection
    • Garden street gave us freshly charged one!
    • We should pick up a few more as well.
  • Cleanup Saturday
    • Thanks to all who came for that.

New Business

  • Large CNC update
    • Wait until after the makerfaire
  • Barrels on the loading dock
    • Kevin took the plastic ones, metal ones still left
    • They stored propylene glycol and are food safe
  • Books by the banks
    • They have invited us again.
    • Last year we did a 3d printing demonstration.
    • October 17th
    • Ryan will send out an email
  • Shadoxx is moving to LA
    • He will be getting rid of some stuff if anyone wants anything
    • Various old computers, stuff, he will email out a list later
    • He is selling his cars!
  • We have a drum sander now!
    • $400 under budget (was a total of $200)
  • What happened to the new google safety glasses we just set out?
  • Ian needs help with an android app for power tool drag racing