August 20, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.

Meeting minutes also available on Public Pad:


Old Business

  • Saturday Cleanup Recap, please keep it clean

New Business

  • Door code changing, RFID cards being issued - Ian Wilson
  • Board Meeting recap (?)
  • Hive13 Bylaws & Membership Addendum
    • Elite membership $13.37 --> $25
  • Techbus (not sure if this has been brought up at meetings) Craig
  • Interest in a bio lab? Where to locate it? Storage?
  • CLUG Meeting ( )
    • There will be a meeting Saturday, August 24th, 2013, 10:00am, at the Pleasant Ridge Branch of the Cincinnati Public Library, located at 6233 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH


  • Paul Vincent
  • Shadoxx (Brandon) - long winded
  • Ryan - Saturday Cleanup, made the round to it glow
  • Chris Anderson - started school this week
  • Coy- Cornhole board
  • (2x Guests)
  • (another guest)
  • Jason - Raspicamera
  • Jim Sheely - Battlebot work, in a couple weeks.
  • Jordan - Nashville is always uphill
  • Franklin - Flat tire on cut in the hill, FPGA research
  • Elisabeth - (Guest) Hard drive is burned out
  • Laura - (Guest) did sound & lighting for a pat benatar concert
  • Brian (Guest) -
  • John Reed - (guest) Aerospace engineer, financial planning career, looking for like minded people
  • Tyler - UC, EE student,
  • Marvin - Quadcopter guy,
  • Bill - worked on his daughters car
  • Jon Neal - COO space, Saturday cleanup
  • Ian Wilson - President, built the round to it lightup
  • Tom Hortel - (Guest) Vice president of hte inventors council of Cincinnati, meet 2nd tuesday of each month
  • Marcus - (Guest) from LVL1, medical software imaging systems
  • Jason - (Guest)
  • Ryan 3.0 - (Guest) Finished reprap build
  • Chris Hodapp -
  • David - (guest) Wearable computing, brought down the oculus rift
  • Nancy - No recent projects
  • Brent Shields - Safe auto dialer
  • Dan Hopkins - Pear cider
  • Dave Menninger - Wiki migration project

remote attendees

  • Jim - for a few seconds
  • Marcus Porter - new hive badge with thicker back silkscreen


  • saturday recap
  • TechBus - Inform non-mailing list
  • Board meeting recap
    • The board does not set rules or policy, those are voted on by the membership at large. We are not trying to clobber you with XYZ, we look at the mission statement and come up with what we think needs to be brought up with the membership
    • Several big discussions
      1. Intensive documentation on different projects at the hive.
        • series of videos documenting 5 projects (see the board meeting wiki page for the 5 projects)
        • See Tiffany Bell, or ian.
        • If you think you know how to use a tool fairly well, we need your help.
      2. Series of contact #'s on the door, so if you need to contact someone about anything at the space.
        • Ticketing system? Apparently we already have one, so Ian is working on getting it set up fully
      3. Key for the eletrical closet somewhere here in the space
        • So you can reset the breaker
      4. The roof is leaking, trying to get ahold of Grant // landlord
      5. Reviewing our current membership rates, tiers, and enforcement.
  • Local inventors council
  • Chris Anderson, game day, we shall pick a day.