August 25, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Noise Curfew Reminder - No loudness from midnight to 8am.
  • New Laser Cutter Progress
  • Hive13 T-Shirt Orders?
  • PTDR
  • Books by the Banks
  • Cincinnati MakerFaire - This weekend.
    • Schedule
    • Tables have been set up as a staging area. Bring forth your projects.

New Business


  • Dave L - 50th year school reunion
  • Andrew
  • Greg
  • Jonathan (new)
  • Jonathan (new)
  • Jim D - PTDR
  • Ian W - replaced the locks on the vending machine
  • Coy - Wood safe
  • Lorin -
  • Ryan H
  • Dustin - no longer intern, preparing for UC
  • Hodapp - Did wedding photography, didn't kill anyone
  • Reg - got to field his board game at GenCon.
  • Nancy - Got to try out a motorcycle
  • Brad - got some tablets so he can set up Artemis.
  • Bill - Just moved here from Arkansas, wants to check out the space!
  • Joe S - Learned Elm.
  • John S - Finished a dining room table recently
  • Mike (new) - Long time procrastinator
  • Alex (new) - Someone from one of his classes mentioned us. Building a high speed zip line.
  • Franklin - PTDR
  • Bill S - working on his 4 ft diameter 3d printer
  • Brad - Created a hive13 logo in fusion 3d
  • Jon N - Electrical wiring
  • Elly - working on a 6 pack holder, laser cut some bookmarks as a present


  • Noise Curfew
    • Our neighbour has been pretty happy lately!
  • Laser cutter update
    • Nothing major besides wiring stuff
  • Electrical wiring
    • Greg and Jon ran the conduit for for the wire this last weekend.
    • One out of four wires has been pulled so far! One or two more may get done by the end of the day.
  • Hive13 t-shirt orders
    • They will be arriving Thursday or Friday.
    • If you want yours before the makerfaire contact Elly.
  • Power Tool Drag Racing (PTDR)
    • Everything is ready to go. Small improvements like always!
    • There are trophies this time around.
  • Books by the banks
    • October 17th
    • We still need someone to volunteer for this if we are going to do it. See email on the mailing list.
  • Cincy Maker Faire
    • This weekend!
    • We have a handful of volunteers, we could still use a few more.

New Business

  • New polar printer may be missing its power supply
  • Maker Faire suggestion
    • Brad wants to know if his son should give a talk/demo of minecraft command blocks.