August 27, 2013

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Old Business

  • Cincinnati Maker Faire & Power Tool Drag Race (Jim)
  • Equipment documentation
  • Welcome/info package for new members
  • Tech bus
  • Membership Dues (?)
  • Game Day

New Business


  • Ian (Pres)--Hive to it frisbee
  • Mike H
  • Jason (Frictor)-Playsurface, venus
  • Lee--Visitor--Engineer w/o borders. Largest steam engine at river station.
  • Zan(?) Smith--Retired engineer, visisng from AZ
  • Nancy (m)--Braided bracelet
  • David--new member
  • Brandon AKA shadoxx--worked on domain controller at home
  • Franklin--new toys
  • Koi--working on Raspberry Pi for 3d printer
  • Brent--Member--new safecracker 3D printer piece, went to DERPA
  • Emily--sewed a tactical corsette.
  • Ross--redid front steps
  • Paul--happy for vacation
  • Ryan--circuitboard for CNC mill
  • Dave--electronic, woodworking, and yardwork
  • Jon (COO)--camping this weekend, started working again.
    • Aplause for Jon ensued
  • Oliver--New to Hive, Biotechnology student, worked with AFRL
  • Laura--cleaned craft space, room to do stuff!
  • Elizabeth--soldering iron burns, tuned on LEDs
  • Nebbie--Hosting DERPA circuitbending--geotracking Indian mounds
  • Jordan(m)--cleaning
  • Ian--Crazy Ian's Discount Child Care Service. Working on welding warnign light
  • Tye Scott-
  • Tom Hortel--new member, Pres of inventors council.
  • Hodapp--programming
  • Jason--programming routers
  • Ryan Anderson, new member.
  • Jim Dallam (Maker Faire, Power Tools!)

Remote Attendees

*Tiffany Bell


  • Jim D: Maker Faires and Power tools!
    • Powerpoint displayed
    • Cinci Mini Maker Faire--in the Park Oct 19, Open to public, 100 events
    • Musicians from out of city as well
    • Starbuck's burning man flame cannons.
    • Power tool drag racing
      • Hackerspace triple crown.--Louisville and Columbus mini maker faires.
      • (PTDROOL) acronym
      • website signup
      • 3 classes of vehicles
        • A: Single-motor hand-held tool
        • B: Exhibition class for dual motors etc
        • C: Special class, lower power belt sanders etc.
      • Buildking track--talk to Jim if you can help!!
      • 3 primary rules: make it safe, make if fun, be excellent.
      • Ian's LED board will be incorporated.
      • Many opportunities to volunteer at the event--Talk to Jim!!


  • Jason--rocket powered cars can be fun
  • Jim--this would fall into special class
  • Jim--Math is fun! kids can participate and get into it.
    • there will be speed capture, etc
    • Elapsed time--calculate head starts for slower racer.
    • documentation for event (rules etc) will be up online shortly


  • Staffing/Volunteering is needed for Maker Faire! Check on the website


  • Equipment documentation
    • If you have expertise, talk to Mike and/or Ian!
  • Welcome/info package for new members
    • Part of the documentation effort--talk to the officers if you want to help!


  • Tech Bus--no updates
  • Membership dues--discussion shelved for now.
  • Game Day--Chris Anderson is organizing, not here tonight.


  • Ian-New Business!
    • Hive13 emergency procedures--sheet posted on door
    • Emergency numbers
    • Contacts for Hive officers


  • Nebbie--wants to put DERPA workshops online! Will talk to Ryan.


  • Shadoxx offering Tours!