August 3, 2010

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • First Meeting of the Month: Officer Reports
  • Time Warner broadband
  • Planning/Road map committee (the shadowy cabal)
  • Mitch Altman Visit

New Business

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions



  • dave, ed, ty*, nate, scott, paul, craig, eric*, chris davis, matt anthony*, kyle*, jim, rob melly
  • members=7; quorum=no



  • new people here again, yay!
  • two guests from LKWH

officer reports

president - dave

  • planning group
  • vision document

operations - chris davis

  • organizing the space
  • ed wants to build the benches, but needs money
  • chris: we might need to focus on tools before work surfaces
  • jim: we might be able to make a table with plywood for temporary/class tables cheaply

treasurer - craig

  • re-submitted to google to get our free premium account
  • want to set up receipt system using paypal - using paypal api

cto & secretary - chris anderson

  • chris anderson not here tonight

mitch altman visit

  • he would be a guest at our meeting, then teach the class the next day (wednesday)
  • he needs a place to stay while in town; jim could maybe do one day
  • he will also need a few things for the actual class (we should be able to do)
  • we should publicize this a lot bewtween now and then

maker faire detroit

  • it was awesome
  • we are working with LKWH to do some sort of maker faire like event at a final friday or second sunday in otr
  • power tool racing at final friday august 27th maybe?

Next Actions