August 31, 2010

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • Time Warner broadband
    • tap change successful
    • waiting for TW to contact me about install
      • will need someone present for install
        • volunteers?
        • (Ed is available depending on the day)
        • date/time for someone to be available
  • Google Apps for Business status (non-profit)
  • Power tool racing

New Business

  • Cinci 2600 this friday
    • prank calling fun with gmail/google voice

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions




Second Sunday

  • Mini-Maker Faire

2600 This Friday

  • ChrisA will be doing some sort of demo

Jim Items

  • Jim - Lead for two speakers
    • Radio Control Airplanes
    • Jukebox Rebuilder
      • What type? Dunno.
  • Gallileo Tribute
    • Arduino that will do distance range sensing
    • Meet Jim after meeting.
    • Jim talked w/ epilog laser dude, he is etching the label.

Chris Davis

  • IT Martini last friday, booth for 'Tech Corpe Ohio'
  • IT for Middle school, Director of it wanted to stop by
  • He will communicate w/ her.


  • Going to Maker Faire New York
  • Open Hardware Symposium


  • DrinkShield released
  • Bulk Parts, Bulk kits
  • Any objections to him selling the kits he has bought in bulk at the meetings?
    • No objections


  • Next Jedi Council Meeting - This Saturday
  • Week from tomorrow - Class on making molded plastic bins.
    • Parchment Paper
    • Bring an Iron
    • Bring a bunch of bags. Think self checkout.


  • Vacuum Pump - ~$1500-2000
    • It is here.

Chris Davis

  • Casting Arts Technology, across the street
  • Bronze Casting. Awesome and Fun.
  • Next Pour? John Cline is the owner. CjDavis working on organizing a class // tour.
  • Has a video, will try to post it.

Dave M

  • Went to CWC meeting
  • Talked to a 'guy' there, invited us to go the the CWBA luncheon to talk about ourselves.
  • Sept. 15th.
  • Other businesses want to meet us, work with us, give us stuff.
  • chris davis volunteers to be available for TW install
  • craig: no update on the google apps thing - he will open a new ticket with goog
  • power tool racing was a success
    • asap we should do another one
  • second sunday is coming up
  • jim: i have some leads on some speakers:
    • a rc airplane guy
    • jukebox aficianado
  • chris davis: went to itmartini
    • tech corp ohio is a cool group to get involved with
    • chris will hook up up with the deets
  • jim: the galileo finger project
    • need help with an arduino component - need volunteers
    • got back in touch with clyde to each some parts for us
  • ed: going to maker faire new york
    • should we do anything hive13 specifc while there
    • i'm also going to the open source hardware symposium
  • craig: the drinksheild is released
    • would anyone be offended if i sold them out of here since it's a corporate type of thing
    • also will have other things like ftdi cables, and arduinos, etc
  • dave: the jedi council meeting is this saturday
  • dave: there will be a class next wednesday night
  • tye: i acquired an brought in a big huge vacuum pump
  • chris davis: i visited a metal casting company across the street from us
    • they did a bronze casting demo
    • they do the demo on a regular basis, so we should go visit
  • dave: i visited the camp washington community
    • i'll be visiting the cwba luncheon on sept 15

Next Actions