August 4, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


  1. Monthly Finanical Report
  2. COO Report
    1. Locks / Access
    2. Fridges, etc.
    3. Examine plumbing situation - moddable?
    4. Windows - openable?
  3. CIO Report
    1. Co-lo Box In Place
    2. Networking Infrastructure Plan Update
    3. Networking Party - August 8th
    4. Funds
  4. In-Hive Projects
    1. Aserisk box
  5. Insurance
  6. Grand Opening Party
    1. Activities
    2. Logistics
    3. Promotion
  7. Tshirts
  8. People giving talks
    1. Outside people coming to give presentations
    2. Five Minutes of Fame


  • Deckmaster
  • PlayerTwo
  • Vendy
  • Larry
  • foxydot
  • craig
  • Erik
  • Than
  • Jim
  • Paul
  • Dave
  • Kibitz
  • Fuzz
  • neighbor Rob
  • starbuck


Financial Report

  • craig: we are doing pretty good
    • we can pay our bills - rent, colo, internet, insurance,
    • we are going to have to get business class internet, boo
    • we make around $300 in profit monthly
    • pledgie is an income source too
    • we got a discount on the cost of the soundproofing due to doing the lock stuff
    • we would like to save up 3x months rent
    • we have a loan from jason bailey on the security deposit
  • craig: we need to decide some kind of budget process
    • "we want to set aside $X for this, $Y for that"
    • gotta come up with a process so we all can agree
    • we are going to need for the networking run pretty soon
    • things to budget: monthly supplies, shelving, makerbot, locked-deposit-box
      • foxydot, kris: we found some good shelves for a good price at Sam's
    • erik: another expense will be insurance

Rob from next door showed up

  • Rob Fronk is our neighbor, he is an artist (painter)
    • he made the big robots in the hallway
  • he is interested in possibly working in our space
  • he is showing us his portfolio...
  • he does a lot of big trump l'oeil stuff
  • Rob would like to use our walls, we are all definitely cool with it

we are having the monthly budgeting talk

  • i will transcribe the whiteboard at the end...

2009-08-04 21.30.18.jpg

  • we have approximately $500 in the bank at the moment
  • we are projected to have approximately $300 in "profit" each month going forward
  • we are deciding how to allocate the income
    • jason does not need to be paid back asap and so for right now, we allocate $0 to paying him back
    • we will make a monthly "supplies" allowance of $30 for things like paper towels, soap, etc. (make a wiki page for this)
    • we will allocate 33% of our net profit after paying all the other bills to the "savings" bucket to build up to our 3xRent buffer
    • we authorize $100 to be set aside for the purpose of buying shelving, but we still want to look for cheap or free options, and may save that $100 for next month
    • we authorize vendy to sped as much as $300 if need be on networking suppiles: cable, jacks, etc
    • we authorize craig to buy the $30 lock box
    • we are still figuring out all the exact numbers for our "bills" but craig factored them in to the rough $300 profit number, so they are set aside for now
  • if we choose to spend our hypothetical $4000 buffer on pixie stix, we can get 44.4 14lb. boxes, equalling 621.6 lbs. of Pixie Stix!

COO Report

  • we haz a fridge! win
  • we haz keypad locks! win
  • keep up the good work vendy, deckmaster, craig
  • plumbing: looking for sink still, eye wash station?
    • we don't know if our plumbing is hackable
  • windows: not super hackable
    • fuzz: we are more than welcome to hack at them though sez grant
  • kibitz: don't forget about winter! sealant
  • kibitz: i have a stove/oven, but it is big
    • would need people, hand-truck, truck to get it here
  • keep crawling craigslist everyone!

CIO Report

  • vendy: networking party this weekend! (noonish)
    • friend eric will be in town to help us, he is a networking ninja
    • wire the heck out of the bar, the couch area, all around the outside of the "clean room"
    • 8 jacks on the workbench pillar, hopefully two in the dirty room
    • inside the "clean room" we will do later ourselves as needed
  • colo box: it is in place, has ubuntu server
    • vendy currently working on the WP install
    • craig: we need to make our google apps become a non-profit


  • erik and fuzz are talking with a guy from CAI and this guy is pretty awesome
  • they will be getting some info back asap, maybe like next couple days
  • jim has a name, but hasn't contacted this person yet either
    • jason will get the deets and contact this person

The Party

  • craig: time?
    • let's go with 7pm
  • fuzz, will the mame cabinet be done, so we can raffle it off?
    • craig: yes
  • fuzz: silent auction
    • we would need items!
    • mailing list it
    • it would be cool to get businesses to provide items or services (example: comics, games shops, etc)
    • larry knows the debco guy and will mention it to him
  • dave: activities semi-organized
  • foxydot: showcase people's projects
  • vendy: invite hive76 to bring a makerbot
  • jim: like a science fair / ted talk
  • fuzz: the idea is to invite tons of people
  • dave: maybe we need some posters designed
  • paul: that is finals weeks at UC
  • fuzz will be the party czar


  • pay starbuck $10 for a shirt

people giving talks

  • we need to set up a structure to let people come give presentations to us
  • fuzz can kinda be the funnel for intaking people that are interested, he can call people up or email them, etc
  • dave will make a page on the wiki for "are you interested in coming to give us a talk?"
  • five minutes of fame: regular basis? specially scheduled on other nights?
  • fuzz: maybe it supplants a regular weekly meeting one month per week
  • dave: it looks like people are more into moving away from the structured five minutes of fame, and more of an informal show-and-tell night

Next Actions

If we have actions, we should probably list the action and who is working on it here, rather than just the actions.

Yeah that's my bad. I usually try to do that, but let everyone get away too soon last week. DaveMenninger 23:16, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
  • fuzz and erik keep looking into insurance at CAI
  • party czar = fuzz
  • jason will start thread on mailing list about silent acuution
  • we have authorized funding for: craig buy the lockbox, vendy $300 for networking, $100 for shelving (set aside)
  • dave will transcribe the whiteboard into the wiki
  • john and erik will get the stove/oven over here
  • vendy coordinate the network party this weekend
  • vendy will continue to work on the WP, ask for help on the mailing list
  • craig: could use some help with getting the google apps to become a non-profit
  • jason will get contact info from jim on that insurance guy and contact him
  • craig will get the mame cabinet done in time for the party
  • jason is intake person for people interested in coming to give talks
  • dave will make a page on the wiki for "are you interested in coming to give us a presentation?"