August 6, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Dirty room/welding progress?
  • Power tool drag racing update?

New Business


  • Mike Horwath (m)
  • Tiffany Bell-Horwath (m)
  • Jim Dallam (m)--Went to Idea foundry in Columbus, learned about power tool drag racing (see minutes)
  • Koi--Did some 3d prirting
  • Franklin
  • Ryan (m)
  • John(guest)--SLS machine progress, had example prints
  • Andrew--(guest)--Also working on SLS
  • Nebby(Cindy)(m)--Setting up for circuit bending workshops
  • Ryan(m)--Wrist band project, has mapped the Hive area.
    • --Installing Sheet metal in welding room.
    • --Setting up welding classes (see minutes)
  • Marcus
  • Jim (guest)
  • Brent
  • Dan (m)
  • Brandon AKA Shadoxx (m)--learning python
  • Chris Hodapp (m)
  • George (m)--Decluttering
  • Jason (m)
  • Matt Starbuck (m)--has Seed of Life artwork setup in hive, it is behaving unexpectedly.
  • Paul (m)
  • Dave (m)--working with Smarthings gadgets
  • Nancy (m)
  • John (COO)
  • Ian (Pres.)--doing more RFID code
  • Bill Steele
  • Junkyard catalyst--demonstration of circuit bending


  • Jim:
    • Went to Idea Foundry to talk about mini maker faires and power tool drag racing
    • 3 upcoming mini maker faires:
      • Lousiville, Sept 28
      • Columbus, Oct 13
      • Cincinnati, Oct 19
    • Power tool drag racking:
      • Want to have a competition at each maker faire
      • Columbus will be releasing rules.
      • Track is 2 lanes of OSB plywood--12 inches wide--75 feet long--with start and crash zones.
      • We may be transporting the track or building one for each location
      • Competition will be a single elimination bracket
      • Must be a single hand-held chorded tool.
      • Plans discussed for possible central "christmas tree stand" power distribution, flashing lights, cupholders, safety fences,etc
      • Stay tuned for more info from Jim
  • Ryan 2.0:
    • 3 welding classes likely to be held this weekend
    • around 6-10 people at each class
    • First class 7:30 on Friday
    • Class will be advertised on email and hive website
    • $15 fee, $5 for members, for purchasing practice scrap (will be finalized)
  • John:
    • Monthly cleanups on 3rd saturday of month (17th this month)
    • Starting at 10AM, till around 2PM
  • Ryan:
    • APCUG/Dayton Diode presentation about hackerspaces
    • they want to invite the Hive.
    • Sunday Sept 15 at 10AM, in Englewood (Airport Holiday Inn)