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After the September 8, 2009 meeting


At the Hive hackerspace, the Anchor Building


This class has the goal to remove the initial learning curve of blender. One of the complaints that is often heard from by people just starting to learn blender is that it has a very steep learning curve. This quick class is to cut through some of the difficulties and get the user up and modeling as quickly as possible.

This is a pre-cursor class to actual blender modeling techniques.

What's covered:

  • Screen setup (splitting / Joining)
  • Importance of the Numpad
  • Edit Modes
  • Basic Modeling tools (extruding, scaling, rotating, etc.)
  • Mirroring
  • Render Options
  • How to save as an STL file ;)



15-20 Minute quick course


No supplies are provided. Bring your own laptop/computer with Blender pre-installed (or just watch the demo :)


Prep the workspace

Split the screen into 3 parts. Top screen split into two equal screens (X & Y).

Make a small screen near the button bar for the 3D camera view.

This will demonostrate how to manipulate multiple screen and the importance of the numpad.

Render the initial square and compare viewing angles with default render image.

Rejoin the top screens and clear out the cube.

Screen Prep

Create a Hex block

Start in the Top view.

Create a cylinder using Spacebar.

Show how to use the slider to set the Vertices or how to directly enter the vertices.

Set verticies to 6.

Use the Rotate Manipulator to rotate easily in the GUI, also demo the hotkey 'R'

Use middle click to free rotate the scene. Shift Middle to move around, mouse wheel zooming.

Play with the other manipulators.

Hex Block Rotation

Edit the Hex block

Put it in edit mode (TAB)

Set view to Side X axis

Right click on vertices on the top to clear the verticies. Also demo the A key to toggle select all.

With everything deselected use Block select 'B' to select just the top Row.

Top View

Extrude Region. Default is to extend upward. Press escape to cancel that.

Use 'S' to scale and move the mouse inwards to create a hex lip.

Switch to side view.

Extrude Region again. Move the mouse downward to drop in a hex cut.


Switch to Object mode so that the object is shaded then use free rotate (middle click) to examine your new object.

Instruct users to shrink the height of the block to make it more of a "coin".

Erase Faces

Pick the top triangle with Shift right-clicking the 3 vertices. Erase faces. Repeat with the bottom layer.

Switch to object mode. Explain what happens if you create an object and are still in edit mode.

Create a small cylinder to be placed into the coin.

Set > 20 vertices.

'S' Scale it smaller.

Use 'G' to Grab it and place it in the hole you just cut out.

Switch to wireframe mode

Delete the top and bottom center vertices of the cylinder


Using side view ensure the top and bottom of the cylinder line up to the bottom of the coin and the inset area.

Switch to Object mode.

Select your cylinder and then hold down shift and select the Hex coin. Both should now be pink.

Hit Ctrl J to 'Join' the two objects into one.

In side view, highlight the bottom section and Hide it with 'H'

Then select vertices between the cylinder and the gap and begin creating faces with 'F' and work your way around


Unhide the bottom (Mesh->show/hide) and Hide the top.

Repeat making faces with the bottom hole.

Unhide all and switch to object mode to view your work

Render and Save

F12 Renders with default settings

Render settings are under the Scene button (F10)

Play with some of the options.

File->Save As...


Final Image