Board Meeting - April 9th, 2018

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Board Meetings
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  • Open Finance Website updates

  • Review Membership Report
    • Report should have been sent to leadership the morning of the meeting.
  • Saturday Cleanup
  • Wardens and Delegation:
    • Warden Budgets / purchases - status report
    • Wardens - positions to fill?
  • Elections
    • Three months away
    • Anything to get ready for them
      • Lorin is working on by-laws. Gentle revisions of obvious and less controversial issues. (one step at a time). Ryan has offered to help.
  • intweb
    • What can it do to make your job easier?
      • Spit out a csv with member contact info, etc in case of emergency. For use by leadership & wardens (to be kept offline or otherwise secure)
    • Upcoming features - membership applications, voting, direct link to member profile
    • Bug or feature request? Put it on GitHub. See Greg or Ian for help with that.
    • Consider having Certifications and Tool Reservation on it
  • Annex
    • Plans for Layout before running 220 line
    • Heating still needs work, but that'll likely be punted to October or so.
    • Electrical and Network Wiring
  • Lounge Expansion
  • Vertical Storage
  • New Member sign-up procedures
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture



Dave V.





Jim D


2017 Ohio Annual Report and Federal Tax are in. 2014-2017 are reported. Currently under $50,000, which is threshold for full reporting.

Year end report based on 2017 documentation (full PDF will be uploaded to wiki):

Membership Level:

Cornerstone -- 2 Full -- 32 to 36 Full Warden -- 5 to 6 Student -- 17 to 23 Student Warden -- 0


59 to 64 members
$ 27,784.99 total dues. 

With misc donation and income --

Total Revenue: $ 30,095.36

Program Service Expenses = ($ 13,276.27)

Total Expenses = ($ 32,397.53) Assets ~$7000

Finances are good.

Membership reports 74 members. 72 current on dues.

Saturday Cleanup -- electronics area focus (sorting and preparing for organization / move)

Water leaks & roof -- Need update from Sarah at Garden Street.

Moving plans --

Warden roll call at tuesday meetings.

Wardens needed Electronics or Fablab (to relieve Lorin of looking after both) Metal / Welding

Elections - Public call for leadership.

New Membership procedures:

2 officer approvals required. Officer signature = an approval, not simply receipt of form.

Vertical half-height storage. Ryan is completing steps needed to load shelves.

Remind people of good citizenship in reservations. Email list, email list, email list.


Procedures - Probationary membership procedures. Create clear procedures for supension, expulsion. Be fair. Culture vs law Protection of members' personal information, digital rights, dignity. Clean up stupid spelling errors, etc. Making measures effient. Code of conduct? (procedural)

Action items to leadership from Lorin.