Board Meeting - August 10th, 2020

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Potential COVID-19 Infection

  • Where are we on this now?
  • Post mortum. What did we learn?
  • What should we be proactively addressing?

Status of key safety features

  • RFID door access
  • Orwell
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sign In Sheets
  • Emergency Info Signs
  • COVID-19 supplies (masks, hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectants)

Phase out former leaders

  • Timeframe for having all old directors and officers leave leadership slack and mailing list?
  • Develop written process for future transitions? (Chris D. action)

Ongoing Projects

  • Update Social Media and Web / Wiki with new address and information
  • New Version of Member Agreement for all new and old members, ID check, Intweb information update
  • Made In Camp


  • Attendance: Dave Velzy, Dave Schwinn, Lisa Crump, Brian Wingate, Drew Kirkman, John Clark, Chris Davis, Kayla Lukawiecki, Kevin McLeod, Scott Hively

Potential COVID-19 Infection

  • We believe we handled this fairly well. We ended up with the easiest case scenario (member was forthcoming with symptoms in a timely manner, knew where he had been and who he contacted, used the sign in sheet)
    • We'll stay informed on CDC recommendations, as they could change. Follow them.
    • The main things we can do to stay safe remain
      • Hand Washing
      • Masks
      • Distance
      • Sanitize
      • Also, sign in (this was essential in figuring out who to contact)
  • Sign in sheets
  • Anytime we see sign in sheets are full, send it to leadership mailing list and put copy in shared drive
    • Kayla will keep on top of making sure ones that are shared to the mailing list are saved to shared drive as well.
  • Adding "Contact Information" column, particularly needed for guests. We were lucky that the one guest that was potentially affected was easy to reach. What if it had been a person scouting out the place to become a member?
  • PPE
  • Hive 13 will provide members with their own pair of safety glasses, as another cross-contamination prevention.
    • Place them in a centralized area with the label maker next to it
  • Velzy started a spreadsheet of PPE that Hive 13 will provide.
    • Currently includes
      • Eye protection (mentioned above)
      • Disposable face masks
      • Hearing protection (ear plugs are already in the space)
      • Cleaning supplies (we have paper towels and disinfectant spray, but cleaning supplies do go through phases of being hard to obtain. We never want to lapse on having this)
      • Wipes (More convenient than spray and paper towels, but harder to find)
      • Sanitizing supplies (again, disinfectant spray is effective. Any doubts about what kills COVID-19 can be found here on the CDC website
      • Fire extinguishers (discussed further below)

COVID-19 Preparedness Improvements

  • This will vary case by case to an extent
  • We have a pretty good letter template we can adjust details on per case
  • Schwinn has set up santizing station near laser as it is high traffic.
  • Kayla and Chris will bring some cleaning supplies in this week
  • Kayla going to place tape social distance guides as well as setting up sanitizing stations throughout the space. The less distance people have to go, the more likely they are to do it

Status of key safety features

RFID door access

  • Very very close to done.
  • Chris Davis has conduit parts. Cable needs to be brought down to front door. Hodapp has been working on it. Should be done this week.
  • Note, this will work with old fobs. It's the old hardware, retrofitted.
  • Thanks guys!


  • Needs camera locations
    • Bigger space means we will probably need more cameras
    • Kevin going to play around with good camera locations on CAD.
    • So far, definitely the front door
  • Need cable run
  • Will be worked on some 8/11
    • If you can help with running cable, contact Drew K

Fire Extinguishers

  • How many do we currently have?
    • Kayla will check 8/11
  • Verify what requirements there are for a space like ours (amount, distance, etc)
  • Added to PPE list
  • Note; Fairly inexpensive at Costco and Home Depot
  • Dave Blundell also knows a guy
  • Note: Brackets for mounting current fire extinguishers are on Schwinn's desk at home. Didn't want them to get lost in the move.

First Aid

  • Move from bathroom to a more centralized location

Emergency Information

  • Drew K found the safety card.
  • Been updated with new address, just need to add Schwinn and Brian's contact info
  • Check in w/ Grant re: signage.

Phase out former leaders

  • This is an unprecedented time for Hive13 (pretty much a restart) and frankly, we can use extra input from former leadership (sort of like a Leadership Committee)
  • Members can voluntarily remove themselves from #leadership on Slack if they choose. We're not removing anyone.
  • Current leadership, familiarize yourself with bylaws; you can step down if needed, and there is a procedure for replacement. There is also procedure already for termination
    • No shame in admitting that you've taken on too much and need to bow out. In that same vein, please know it's ok to reach out for help if you need some with your duties. We're a community, we don't want to set people up for failure
  • In #leadership Slack, idea from Kevin re: using standarized emoticons for "I've read this, I'm still working on a response" "I've read this, I'm for it, but no comments" "I've read this and have no input" etc.
    • Becoming a strategy used in corporate settings who use slack.
  • Let's get better about threading