Board Meeting - August 19th, 2019

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Board Meetings
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  • Review Action items
    • Will - Put together board meetings and cleanup schedule for year, send out for approval
    • Dave S. - Write formal family/spouse addendum/membership class for future approval
    • Dave V. - Draft and share email response to records request
    • Kevin - Check bylaw changes, next meeting vote to make Github version the official version
    • ALL - Check all new leaders have access to social media and calendars (Will to make list of relevant ones)
    • ALL - Review Code of Conduct for discussion next meeting
    • Dave V. - Take action to confirm we are in Made in Camp
    • Brad - Verify we have a table for Books by the Banks and LTS restock
    • Jim - Post to mailing list asking for Tuesday Talk volunteers
    • Will - Put up leadership chart in lounge
    • Kevin - Update leadership roles page on wiki (Completed by Dave V.)
  • Old Business
    • Student Membership Audit
      • Cancelled Student Subscription: 3
      • Confirmed Student: 8
      • Promised to become Full Members: 3 Still inside of 90 days from promise to convert
      • No Response: 5
      • Grand Total: 19
      • The plan is to consider payments made by members who did not confirm their student status to be a donation. These donors would lose door access and voting rights.
      • Donors may regain access and voting rights by confirming student membership or making full member payments.
    • Member Storage Space - Audit and Clean up
      • Inactive members spaces were consolidated and moved to top of the racks.
      • Next Steps - Get your Junk in a Box.
      • Next Steps - Limit member space to maximum 2 boxes - If someone has a hoarding problem, they should hide it at home.
  • New Business
    • Appointment of New Registered Agent for Sad Bee Inc with State of Ohio - Dave Velzy to replace Jim Dallam
    • Repair of Big Laser
    • Expansion to Basement - Go or No Go?
    • Outside Sign - Need Permit?
    • Bento for Buisness /
    • Hive13 Asset Inventory - ToDo
  • New Leader Orientation
    • intweb
      • Guiding an applicant through applying for a membership
      • Approving a new Member
      • Looking up member records
      • How to get Greg to improve it
    • Running through the New Member Orientation process


Board Meeting - Aug 19th 2019

Will B. handed out 4 months of board meetings and cleanup schedule. No objections to board meeting on veterans day. Will to put events in calendar. October going to be tough, may be low attendance

Family member policy:

General agreement on should have policy in bylaws. Contention on paid with vote vs. free without vote.

Should we formalize? Unanimous yes.

Should we have a discounted rate formal class of membership for family members? 6 yes, 3 no

Should we add as a right of full members that domestic partners may have unattended access at no extra charge (this person would have no vote)? Yes 8 no 1

Greg resigned as CTO and Member. Ian will help clean up, but will not take back position

Dave V. sent record request response and we have heard no more.

Need to post message to membership saying was down for a small time

Code of conduct: “be good to each other” may not be enough, particularly with young people coming in. Want to adopt some best practices. Dave V. to send out his drafts.

We are in made in camp. They know we have #8

Jim needs to not be the registered agent, no longer in Ohio. Need to transfer to someone in OH, Dave V. seems like a good option. Should make it responsibility of pres to assign to someone.

Vote: Dave V. to be registered agent yes - unanimous

Jim: been treasurer, wants to more formally record assets of hive. Needs to be reported annually. Maybe put together an asset management system with tags. Think about it, sept-oct timeframe.

Jim: treasurer supposed to propose budget for every year, he wants to do that and update every 6 months so we can correct. Keep simple, just income and expenses, with blocks for vote purchases.

Tuesday talks? Need for september and

Gillian - Tuesday Talk candidate

Will didn’t do leadership chart, didn’t like concepts, working on better

Student Member audit - still in 90 day grace for people who said would update. What to do with non-responses. Proposed to cut off keys and consider student dues donation after x time.

Vote: Should we cut off access for student members who have not complied with audit? Dues become donations until they correct. Unanimous yes.

Big Laser: >$6500 to replace, $2500 to repair + 100+ hours. Public response: member was using, violated procedure, left the room and came back to inferno. What should our response be? Not considering termination at this point, though will keep option available. We need to discuss with Paul What he feels responsible for and what he feels he is able to cover. Hive13 needs to repair the laser, no matter what. Any contribution from Paul will be a reimbursement.

Will B. will contact Paul and speak with him in person to answer what he is responsible for and can afford.

Basement - If garden street covers HVAC we could start paying about ~$400/month immediately, If we have to cover HVAC we would need ~2 years free rent

Ian - will turn off mailing list server, recreate google group.