Board Meeting - February 13th, 2023

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Deadline for Agenda submissions is February 6th, 2023. Any late submissions must be added to the subsequent board meeting's agenda.

Review task items from last meeting

  • Call for a recurring “Wiki Workday”
    • status?
  • Kate draft “items left at the HIVE” Procedure
  • Follow up on Dumpster date
    • Status?
  • Kevin M. Draft repair budget procedure
  • Follow-up needed on “Kitchen and Laundry Infrastructure” vote from last year
    • Status?
  • All board members:
    • get your agenda items a week in advance. This will be strongly enforced going forward.

New topics for discussion

  • VOTE - The bylaws allow for a "board chair" position, and we haven't elected one. I (Kate) nominate Dave Velzy.
  • It may be time to revisit and refine vote procedure
  • We should consider hiring an intern for support
    • DAAP has a program that suit our needs

Improved financial reporting

Possible discussion topics:

  • Publish spreadsheet of treasurer's report, warden expenses
  • Refresher - what is MRO / warden / maintenance / repair budget - amounts and purpose -
  • Itemize discretionary spending, including warden exp
    • A suggestion has been made to present expenses by ward, then by tool
  • Whatever happened to the Quickbooks effort?

[The above three bullets will be covered in the Treasurer and COO reports below]

Classes & Certification

Discussion topics:

  • how can we get this going and manage it so that it doesn't all fall to one person
    • Kate has proposed to do a short class on "How to structure a class for HIVE13" based on her previous experience as a freelance educator
  • Kate proposes getting a few on the calendar that are limited in scope and limited to membership only just to get the ball rolling
  • looking ahead, the general consensus is that teachers should be compensated for their time, and attendees would pay a fee for the class

CMO Check In

  • CMOffice Hours are Monday 4-6pm to answer member questions, find solutions to issues, and get feedback about member experience.
    • I'm still available via Slack but it's an open time to come talk to me one on one and work together. -Kostas P.
  • Ironing out mediation, arbitration procedures.
    • Hopefully done by March meeting.

Hive13 Expansion

  • Lease Negotiations
  • Budget and Vote for Expansion Approval
  • Timeline


Financial Report

COO / Operations Report

  • Warden budget discussion
    • January expenses allocated to the warden budget are WAY over budget
      • $1,363.38 on a $600 budget (227% of budgeted)
    • Reasons
      • We had repairs needed on two major tools
        • CNC for $192.35 (32.1% of warden budget)
        • Lasers for $264.77 (44.1% of warden budget)
        • Total of $457.12 (76.2% of warden budget)
      • Gas purchases
        • $244.53 (40.8% of warden budget)
      • Remainder "normal" warden expenses of $649.93 (108.3% of expected warden budget)
    • Why repairs and gas should no longer fall under the warden budget
      • Repairs are unexpected and urgently needed*
        • Financial advice is that this should come out of reserves
        • There should be some reasonable form of very quick approval
      • Gas purchases have been growing rapidly and don't fit the normal model of warden purchases
        • Specifically, we don't have:
          • A known cost beforehand
          • An opportunity to make a decision based on cost vs value
        • Some better method of management is needed
  • Proposed $1,000 major tool repair budget and process
    • Only for repair or replacement of broken/defective parts
    • Not for new items
    • $1,000 is now longer looking like enough since we have almost reached that so far this year.
  • Improved reporting abilities
    • We have detailed history back to mid-October of 2020.
    • The data can be reported in almost any way asked for.
    • What information do you want/need to see?
    • Question: This could be presented as data sorted by ward, and then by tool
      • Answer: Yes. It's a work in progress. It should be available before the board meeting.
    • See Warden purchase spreadsheet
  • Policy discussion of items left behind by ex-members
    • How long to keep?
    • What additional consideration should be given to expensive items?
    • Items abandoned in storage spaces.
    • On-loan items (tools)

Area/Warden Reports

  • 3 Warden changes for approval
    • Dave Schwinn as Kitchen warden
    • John Clark & Ryan Anderson as joint Electronics wardens
    • See the treasurer's report for suggestions.

CMO Report

(See survey info)

Tech Committee Report

  • RFID access for elevator door
    • Roughly 50% complete - Close/Stop buttons & wiring installed.
    • Need dedicated Raspberry Pi, RFID Scanner & enclosure to complete
  • Tendenci
    • Working on main page theming & layout.
  • Azure - used 537/3500 (15.3%) credits from 12/11/2022-02/07/2023
  • Winter/Spring goal: Azure Consolidation & On-Prem Hosting
    • Discourse-to-Slack bot now hosted in Azure
    • UPSs acquired for Hive13 MFD & IDF-1 racks (Thanks Chris D.)! Will need new batteries
    • In-Progress/Planning: Move VPN server to on-prem, move library server to webhost2 (Azure)

Outreach Report

  • BBIT
    • We have been invited to join BBIT on Feb 25th from 10a-1p for their drone building course
      • Specifically a detailed learn to solder
  • CMC friendship
    • Next date in March, we just need a consensus from CHCP on their date.
  • CHCP Madisonville
    • Tentatively scheduled for March 18th
    • Super exciting, we love our library
  • Redbubble
    • Big thanks to Jack M. and Jim D. for getting this up and running!
    • Continuous access to logo merch, maybe donated designs in the future?
  • Hive is Real shirt
    • Not gonna lie, this is my pet project -Kostas P.
    • Order form hopefully going out this (Feb 13th) week.
  • Looking for suggestions
    • Tuesday speakers, events, parades?

Dungeon Masters

Proposed for Board Approval:

  • Plan to expand Hive13 to the entire north half of the 3rd floor (Occupy the Dungeon)
  • Budget for Expansion to 17500 sqft.
  • Seed the expansion fund with $3792 from two donations totaling $2250 and the $1542 remaining from AC.
  • Begin 11/30/2022 to allocate $1000 per month as encumbered funds to the Expansion fund.
    • This would at first build a fund to cover a portion of a total estimated $40K in expansion costs.
  • Open long term negotiations with 2701SG to complete the 2nd bathroom and mutually plan and execute the expansion. This is an opportunity that we should not lose through inaction.

Meeting Minutes


- Jack Margeson

- John Clark

- Maryln Clark

- Kate Cook

- Kevin McLeod

- Paul Vincent

- Ryan Anderson

- Chris Davis

- Dave Velzy

- Jim Dallam

- Vince

Minutes: 07:31:00pm–9:30:00pm

Emergency member contact

1. With every breach, casual contact via Slack

2. Escalate on future breaches with the following protocol

3. Send email notification with hard date-of-response

4. If no response is received within a reasonable time, member suspension follows

5. Leadership responsible for suspension sends follow up email, "please get in contact with us to continue discussion"

- We should update the code of conduct on the wiki to reflect whatever the board decides tonight

- No objections from the board. Future experiences will refine this process

Task items review:

- Wiki workday

   - This is something that we still want to have

   - No progress has been made since the last board meeting

- Items left at the Hive procedure

   - Draft ready for review/approval, check link above

   - Do we want to look to put something in the membership agreement?

       - Velzy notes that it's already in there, actually

- Dumpster date

   - Kate will get with Velzy to talk about next month date for dumpster stuff

   - Tentatively the 11th of March

- Draft repair budget procedure

   - Overall, we are in favor of the emergent repair procedure

   - Currently might have some conflicts with the repair fund

   - Jim wants the words to reference the $1000 encumbered repair funds

   - Let's jump into the financial report

New topics for discussion:

- Board chair position—someone who's "signing" stuff as the face of Hive leadership

   - Vote for Dave Velzy to be the board chair—no objections

- Start thinking about how we should improve vote procedures

   - Transition the "optional things we want to see in votes" to "things that we need to see in valid votes"

- Hiring an intern for support

   - John does too much and we should look for an intern

   - Do we look at someone from DAAP?

Classes and Certifications

- Board vote for creating a committee under classrooms: no objections

- Kate will chair the new committee for understanding and working on classroom stuff

Hive Expansion

- Velzy got in contact with pro-bono partnership, they're matching us with a volunteer lawyer

- Incredibly tight dance we have to do with the landlords in order to get the build out of the dungeon moving forward

- We might need notes from external communications with the landlords


Financial report

- **Please** see the linked financial report from Jim

- Executive summary: membership and revenue have been increased. We need to report financials better. Expenses are going up.

CMO report

- Kostas is hosting CMO office hours—check above for information

COO/Operations report

- Check above for financials as they relate to the warden budget

Tech Committee report

- 15.3% Azure credit usage year to date

- RFID for access door still working, roughly 50% complete

- A need to upgrade in camera usage—needs to be brought up at the next warden meeting

Outreach report

- Getting a team together for BBIT

- Stop the Bleed training second Tuesday in March

- Direct future Tuesday talks to Kate

- Redbubble

   - No objections from the board for setting up bank stuff in regards to getting paid from Redbubble

Dungeon Masters

- See dumpster day for more information on getting rid of stuff in the dungeon

- Separate "garden street" donation pile for metals, new item on the dungeon masters meeting

Area/Warden reports

- 3 warden changes for approval:

   - Dave Schwinn as the new Kitchen warden—no objections

   - John Clark and Ryan Anderson as joint electronics warden—no objections

Action Items:

- All leadership: start thinking about how we should improve vote procedures. Study the new financial stuff to get acquainted with it.

- Paul Vincent: organize/help work on setting up a wiki workday

- Kate Cook: talk to Velzy about solidifying the dumpster date.  Start preparing for the heading of the "classy committee", schedule next Dungeon Masters meeting

- Jim and Kevin: moving forward with repair budget procedure talk to find a resolution

- John and Jim: Slack post about a follow up on the kitchen and laundry infrastructure vote from last year

- John and Paul: continue to lead the effort about vote procedure improvements with a thread in Slack/committee/whatever you want to call it

- Kevin, John, and Chris: talk about gas payments

- Chris Davis: find out more about the intern program at DAAP

- Jack: continue work with Jim on getting banking details imported into Redbubble

Board Meeting - February 27th, 2023