Board Meeting - February 27th, 2023

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [256-548-4250|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 771373726#
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Hive13 is a trusting, cooperative, inclusive, and supportive community of Makers.


The Guest of a Member took items from individuals and the Hive13 community. This was theft.


Investigation, Documentation, Police Report. Some of these are done. Before this meeting we need to pull more details together.

What next?

The options range from Restorative Justice to Membership termination.

The objective of this meeting is to determine a plan of action.

Finally, what are the lessons we can learn from this? What actions do we take in the future because of this?

Important note to members

We know things don't always get put back where they belong, but if you cannot find something that you think should be around, PLEASE REPORT IT to the Slack channel #warden_discussion . Please keep individuals names and data private until after a leadership decision is made in the meeting on Monday.

Meeting Minutes


- Jack Margeson

- Chris Hodapp

- Dave Schwinn

- Dave Velzy

- Jim Dallam

- John Clark

- Kate Cook

- Kevin McLeod

- Kostas Perentesis

- Paul Vincent

- Ryan Anderson

- Chris Davis

- Kate Cook

- Coy Paeltz

- Vince

Meeting time: 7:35pm -- 9:00pm (~1.5hr)

Messages from members not present:

- Paul Picton:

   - Our cameras aren't suitable for security.

   - We need to protect ourselves going forward—this time it was theft, what if it was assault?

   - We should have the strongest penalty for criminal behavior.

- Member on 2/10 who spoke to one of the suspects was Karen Anderson, and here are her comments:

   - They were pacing all over the Hive, moving computers all across the Hive, and generally acting very

Goal tonight:

- NOT if this is persecution worthy

- We need to come up with a short term strategy that is in align with our values

- We need to determine what we need to do from a membership perspective


Comments from those present

- Velzy:

   - The concern is that while many have looked at clips of the video, what has not been adequately put together is a complete list of information that we can turn to.

   - Called Matt about asking who the two suspects were, and was told by Matt that it was his son and his girlfriend.

- Kostas:

   - One of the big issues with documenting what was missing is that they had very good knowledge that they knew the coverage of the camera.

   - On 2/3, they go to the meeting room (pitch black) so you cannot make out what they're doing. It's hard for this reason to be sure exactly whatever they took.

   - It's hard to identify items based off of review of the footage.

   - Asked wardens to look over their space and take note if anything is missing—hard to do when inventory is done few and far between.

- Kevin:

   - We need to understand to the extent what happened. We made a significant mistake in discussing who does what to figure out what information we have as leadership.

   - We have to move forward now with a member decision, but we don't have the whole picture. We need to decided a structured approach going forward.

   - He had been told that his membership was not suspended. I believe that he was thinking through this logically and I don't see his reaction as being unreasonable.

- John:

   - We keep talking about the thefts, but we also need to take into account that we have a member that failed completely to keep their guests in line.

- Paul Vincent:

   - I can see him being a victim in this scenario. He wants to believe the best in his son.

- Chris Davis:

   - We don't need to take notes on the specifics. The video is shitty, but we know what we have. We shouldn't be focusing on persecution, but we have enough to make a decision about Matt and his membership.

   - The suspects were everywhere, have multiple laptops they take around the space, they're obviously stealing a bunch of stuff that they can put into bags.

   - Matt was paying no attention whatsoever to what was happening in the Hive.

- Jack:

   - I don't think my first reaction would be to come back to the Hive, even if I was told that I'm not suspended at this time. I seriously don't think it's a valid thing to do, socially.

   - Putting that aside though, I want to clear up the idea that we didn't suspend him and then suspended him when he came in immediately after. There was like, time that passed between those two events. We can see new information and change decisions, and on that note, I don't think leadership has failed.

- Coy:

   - He's been a long time member.

- Ryan

   - Are these actions in a direct result from what this member did? We need to distinguish the two ideas between harm done directly by the member and those by his guests.

Matt's visit on Saturday

- Velzy:

   - Matt revealed that he had a conversation with his son and that he had denied everything. The attitude that Matt displayed was that he was the victim and he has no culpability in this scenario. It struck me as a large change in tone.

   - The first conversation and follow up, he stated that he wanted to make things right, but he hadn't had a conversation with his son.

   - On Saturday, the tone shifted after his son told him that he didn't steal anything. He seemed to

- Chris Davis:

   - Seems like he cared more about his stuff in dungeon. Seemed very defensive about not being told information. Not particularly responsive to anything we said.

The future

- Dave Schwinn:

   - We've suspended Matt and we're giving information to the police. Unsuspending him now would be a big mistake.

- Kevin:

   - As soon as we realized, we should have started compiling information.

   - We have enough information to vote on the son and the girlfriend. We need to vote on that tonight.

- Paul:

   - Whats the suspension timeline? What are we presenting to Matt and when?

- Kate:

   - I propose that we: 1) vote to extend the suspension, with potential reinstatement contingent on suspect_m & suspect_f may not re-enter the space under any circumstances... signed doc from Member?

   - 2) set a future date to meet with Member to discuss next steps to retain membership

- John Clark:

   - Also, make provisions for him to pick up his stuff during that suspension time.


1) Vote to ban the named male suspect, Josh Youngkin, and the unnamed female suspect, Josh's girlfriend, from the premises, permanently. Any future attempt to access the space by these two individuals will be identified as trespassing following the issue of a written notice.

- Needed: majority vote from a quorum of the board

- This vote passes.


2) Extend the suspension of Matt Z. for 180 days (per stated in the bylaws) until the board & other members of leadership can meet with him as a group to discuss further action.

- Needed: majority vote from a quorum of leadership

- This vote passes.

Action Items

- All leadership: Following up in a brief virtual meeting next week. Talking about next steps forward and how we can handle this better next time.

- Kate and Kostas: work on creating a document formalizing the ban of the two suspects to be sent to Matt Z. as soon as possible.

- Schwinn: Create starter notes for group involvement in terms of the video evidence and be the front man for all police contact.

- Chris Davis and Velzy: Start a group document to outline our statement to be given to membership. Posting a link in leadership_private.

- Kevin: starting a document to outline our future meeting and discussion with Matt Z.