Board Meeting - February 8th, 2021

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


  • President?
  • Follow up on UC Innovation Center / contact?
  • Access Control / Security / Cameras / etc
    • 2701SG security and cameras -
      • one added at 1st floor landing pointed at our outside entrance
    • Hive13 security and cameras -
      • Door open sensor added to DoorPi, code in progress
      • access control event messaging in progress (MQTT) - this will be easily extendable for standardized data sharing
    • MQTT broker (server)
      • Now running at, can be brought in-house / Azure later
      • Future additions like intweb, sensors, coke machine, etc.
      • Easy to subscribe to updates from standard clients and code
    • RFID access and sensor on sliding door - coming
    • Security camera now running in woodshop, updating to Spy
    • Need for doorbell
  • Project stove safety concerns
    • Intended uses?
    • Need for certification like training and possibly supervision
    • Unattended use
  • Blowers
    • Where do we need them?
  • Treasurer Report and topics
- Review December 2020 and year-end numbers
- Total 2020 revenue looks ~$53k which exceeds $50k threshold for 1st time and expect will cause federal tax reporting to switch from 990-N (postcard) to Form 990 or 990EZ
- Buy-in to formally start showing the trend and current 13 "PlusOne" members on the Open Finance member chart (need coding help) current test using existing code temporarily shows "PlusOnes" as "StudentWardens"
- Strawman budget for 2021 (Operational, wardens' and buildout)
- QuickBooks Implementation update (JimD & DaveV)
- Inventory
  • Personal liability insurance reminder - resources for members, reference to the slack insurance discussion

Frisbee Round

  • Do you have any personal projects that you are working on?



  • Kayla L, Chris D, Chris H, Drew K, Lisa C, Jim D, Scott H, Dave V, John C


  • Does it matter than Dave S is currently out of commission for presidential duties?
    • Overall conclusion - no. Has stated he intends to return once he has healed from surgery / on less drugs which will be prior to election for next year
    • Chief onboarder for new members - we'll pick up the slack
    • No precedent for no president (lol) but we've had leadership mentally check out before and picked up slack - functionally this is no different.
    • No need to elect/appoint a stand in

Innovation Center

  • Going to have another get together with them in March

Access Control

  • Wesselman has installed camera outside RFID door
    • suggest to him to add camera to loading dock stair door - Lisa found it to be unlocked 2/8/21. Others have noticed the same
  • RFID is logging to the database, has sensor - Hodapp is making progress.
    • Setting up standardized MQTT protocol to make things significantly more efficient for our type of organization.
    • Gives better communication infrastructure
    • Easy setup with subscription
    • Putting together a dashboard
  • Next sensor is for main sliding door
  • John and Chris put woodshop cameras up and they're now available on Spy.
  • Still want doorbell

Safety Concerns / Craft Stove

  • Discussions being had with Todd & Kevin regarding safety concerns
  • Main concerns seem to boil down to
    • Need for ventilation (this is agreed upon by T&K)
    • Unattended use (ie; 24 hrs drying wood, etc)
    • Appropriate materials (ie; fumes from plastic - again, ventilation is key.)
      • Lots of documentation already created for stove
      • Will need to have guidelines as to what can and can't be "cooked" in it w/o ventilation
      • Comprehensive Wiki page will likely address a lot of concerns
    • Smoke alarm
  • Future Project Safety Concerns
    • Safety Committee
      • With new members, larger space, new ideas, and even existing tools, safety needs to be addressed (ie; woodshop has some scary shit)
      • John to present to general membership in 2/9 meeting / call for anyone interested in helping


  • How many more do we need?
    • As many as we can get
  • Rick's heating and cooling has provided blowers as they just toss their old ones

Treasurer Update

  • Jim created fairly comprehensive talking points in regards to finances
  • General breakdown; 1 month at 2929 compared to 1 month at 2701
    • Still cash positive
    • Could drop down to 74 members and still pay fixed expenses
    • Grew to 120 we'd clear same amount monthly as we had in 2929
    • We're comfortable
  • Also created document with actual bank acct #s
  • Open finance website
    • Would like to be able to create 7th member category of +1

Gas Filling

  • We are going to go through more of this.
  • Looking at episodic $300+ expenses that would eat entire warden budget
  • Can't really allocate usage
    • Or can we? Pulsa
    • How are we not documenting when tanks are being switched out
      • Clipboard on them ASAP for basic record keeping


  • Jim and John been assetting the heck out of the space
  • Drew has started the great migration
  • The wiki needs some love