Board Meeting - January 9th, 2023

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Deadline for Agenda submissions is January 2nd, 2023. Any late submissions must be added to the subsequent board meeting's agenda.

Review task items from last meeting

  • All board members:

Improved financial reporting

Possible discussion topics:

  • Publish spreadsheet of treasurers report, warden expenses
  • Refresher - what is MRO / warden / maintenance budget - amounts and purpose -
  • Itemize discretionary spending, including warden exp

[The above three bullets will be covered in the Treasurer and COO reports below]

Classes & Certification

Any progress? Not so much during holidays..

CMO Stuff

  • Placeholder for survey results
  • Member Check-ins
    • Kostas P.: Noticed that there have been a few members who have been falling off Paypal payments and have been unaware of it. Should we be more proactive if a membership times out due to lack of payment and we've received no cancellation notice? Emails?


Financial Report

  • Consider the following as a BRIEF SUMMARY of the December numbers:
    • Membership jumped up from 170 to a new ALL TIME HIGH, now at 182 souls (+7 Full, +3 Student, +2 PlusOne). Way to go team!
    • Operating income from membership was $7,123.17. Other operating income was $143.82 consisting of two transactions ($18.82 in soda credits and a $125.00 KevinM donation for lamp gas usage.
    • Fixed expenses were higher at ($6,733.14) primarily because our landlord timed cashing two rent checks during December. Fixed expenses included 2x rent ($5,750), insurance ($107.25), PayPal fees ($217.37) and warden expenses ($658.52)
    • Discretionary expenses were ($762.85) consisting of member vote reimbursements ($735.48) and soda purchases ($27.37) this month.
    • We started the month with $43,856.48 in operating funds and ended the month at $43,627.48. Of this ending balance, $31,699.91 is reserved as "encumbered funds".
    • Encumbered funds include a 6-month operating reserve ($19,410.00), lump-sum membership pre-payments ($983.70), the new "Build-Out Reserve" (@+$1k/month now ($5,202.00) and un-spent member vote reserve ($6,054.21).
    • Our discretionary funds are now $16,870.14. We continue to be cash positive going forward.
  • [link] to the open finance site
  • [link] to the current 2021/2022 summary to see the details.
  • Treasurer (JimD) and COO (JohnC) are test driving the following improved expense accounting reporting scheme:
    • Fixed Expense (same, but add new account "Other")
      • Rent (same)
      • Insurance (same)
      • PayPal Fees (same)
      • Other (this account and its five sub-accounts are new going forward)
        • Maintenance = furnace filters, software licenses)
        • Repair = fixing broken things (air compressor, etc.)
        • Operations = consumables (soda, water, toilet paper, pens, welding gas, etc.)
        • Warden = ward additions
        • Improvements = other item catch-all
    • Discretionary Expense (same)

COO / Operations Report

  • Warden budget discussion
    • Explanation of general operation
    • Attempt at a better presentation
    • What information is helpful, needed?
    • What type of presentation works well?
    • Warden purchase spreadsheet
  • Proposed $1,000 major tool repair budget and process
    • Only for repair or replacement of broken/defective parts
    • Not for new items
  • Additional help is needed getting things added to the wiki
  • Policy discussion of items left behind by ex-members
    • How long to keep?
    • What additional consideration should be given to expensive items?
    • Items abandoned in storage spaces.
    • On-loan items (tools)

Area/Warden Reports

CMO Report

(See survey info)

Tech Committee Report

  • RFID access for elevator door
    • Roughly 50% complete
    • Close/Stop buttons are installed behind the door and are functional.
    • Much of the wiring for the RFID part is done.
    • This has largely been unfunded and reasonable funds should be available from the warden or IT budgets.
  • Left from December agenda...
  • Tendenci in progress
    • Working on main page theming & layout (plus previous tasks)
  • Compute Resources & Microsoft Azure:
    • Used 251/3500 (7.74%) credits from 12/11/2022-01/09/2023
    • Winter/Spring goal: Move some general purpose server capacity to Hive13 to reduce Azure load.

Outreach Report

  • CMC friendship
    • January 21st 1-3pm! Very exciting!
  • Delaying Hive is Real orders till second week of Jan.
    • That's on me, had a rough NYE/NY - Kostas P.
  • Assistance in making web content for socials
    • Thanks to Jack M. for helping out! I still would love more ideas/help
  • Looking for what parades to consider in the upcoming year
    • Thinking Opening Day, Pride, what else?
  • What organizations to collaborate with in the upcoming year

Dungeon Masters

Proposed for Board Approval:

  • Plan to expand Hive13 to the entire north half of the 3rd floor (Occupy the Dungeon)
  • Budget for Expansion to 17500 sqft.
  • Seed the expansion fund with $3792 from two donations totaling $2250 and the $1542 remaining from AC.
  • Begin 11/30/2022 to allocate $1000 per month as encumbered funds to the Expansion fund.
    • This would at first build a fund to cover a portion of a total estimated $40K in expansion costs.
  • Open long term negotiations with 2701SG to complete the 2nd bathroom and mutually plan and execute the expansion. This is an opportunity that we should not lose through inaction.

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: (in person) Chris D, Kevin McL, Ryan A, Kostas P, Kate C, John C, Vince L., (remote) Chris H, Dave V, John O, Jim D

  • Current version (edited) of Running your business at Hive13 has been approved by board vote (4 out of 5, with Paul V out sick). To be published ASAP to membership and public
  • Improved Financial Reporting: Jim and John C have put together a new format for reporting expenses to the board. Board is charged with reviewing the format and recommending edits prior to Feb Board meeting.

(from Slack # leadership_discussion 1/9/23)

    • We realize there are shortcomings in this and the minutia of the Warden expense has (so far) defied easy-and-effective reporting.
    • Our plan going forward will be based on the following similar/improved/expanded reporting structure:
    • Fixed Expense (same, but add new account "Other")
      • Rent (same)
      • Insurance (same)
      • PayPal Fees (same)
      • Other (this account and its five sub-accounts are new going forward)
        • Maintenance = keep it running things (furnace filters, software licenses)
        • Repair = fix broken thing events (air compressor, etc.)
        • Operations = consumables (soda, water, toilet paper, pens, welding gas, etc.)
        • Warden = ward additions
        • Improvements = other item catch-all
      • Discretionary Expense (same)
    • I will introduce this plan/structure change in my Treasurer report tonight. Historical data will determine the budget reserve for these new M.R.O.W.I. categories (mnemonic pronounced "M.R.O.Why?" <-PUNishment)
    • In his COO report, @John Clark will provide a detailed example for these new M.R.O.W.I. sub-accounts based on actual Dec. 2022 and Jan. 2023 (to date) expenditures.
    • This introduction is also a test case for our planned reporting for upcoming Board meetings.
    • Kate to follow up on Board review of structure change as mentioned above with Board on January 18
  • Classes and Certifications
    • We are seeing more class and certifications being offered as the new year gets rolling.
  • CMO Stuff
    • Survey has closed and the data is being compiled. Kostas to present to membership once a bit more polished.
    • There were a few members that were falling off with payments, we are attributing that to the influx of UC students who were compensating from their own laser equipment failures, and then left once projects were completed.
  • Additional Action Items:
    • Call for a recurring “Wiki Workday” to educate and encourage membership engagement and contributions to the HIVE Wiki (unassigned)
    • Kate to draft a policy for board vote re “items left at the HIVE” with the DM Committee
      • Date for formal PURGE, including dumpster rental - March 11, 2023
    • Kevin to draft “repair budget” policy for board vote
    • Followup needed on “Kitchen and Laundry Infrastructure” vote from last year (unassigned)
      • Need data on purchases made and remaining capital from vote