Board Meeting - July 11th, 2022

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


June 2022 numbers are now done. It all continues to be good news. Consider the following as a BRIEF SUMMARY:

  • Membership is up by another 4 souls (from 161 to 165) which is another ALL TIME HIGH! Membership income for the month totals $6,410.99. Other income for the month was just $37.64 from Stripe soda credits.
  • Our fixed expenses for the month were ($3,425.47) for rent, insurance, PayPal fees, and warden budget. Our discretionary expenses for the month were ($3,109.52) for reimbursements for member vote procurements ($2,000.00 for the Powermatic lathe, and lesser amounts for the A-frame ladder, MRO vote, and color inkjet).
  • We started the month with $41,599.60 in operating funds and ended the month at $41,513.24; a net negative of $86.36. Of this ending balance, $24,483.78 is "encumbered funds" for the 6-month rainy day reserve, lump-sum membership pre-payments, AC Fund Drive unspent balance, budgeted-but-not-yet-spent membership votes, and T-shirt income not yet returned to the Outreach Fund.
  • We have a current allowance of $17,029.46 available for discretionary purposes. It remains an ongoing goal to establish a considered strategic plan for spending our discretionary funds.
  • This was actually a pretty 'clean' month. Membership income (green) was $6,410.99. Fixed expense (red) was $3,425.47. Based on just these two numbers, one could say the net discretionary (gold) contribution for this month at $2,985.52 will be typical going forward. We actually spent $3,109.52 for discretionary purposes in June. The current trend is that fixed expenses (red) have held steady while increasing membership (green) has boosted income. This results in more discretionary (gold) each month for toys. (this is for you WillB)

The open finance site has also been updated and the attached Hive13.AnnualSummaries.2021-01.2022-06.on20220711.pdf shows the details.

Intended progress on this parallel accounting via QuickBooks Online Plus (QBO+) remains a goal, but life gets in the way. A final summary for the 202204 T-shirt order is pending now that the collected sales tax has been sent to Ohio. Work on a budget for the upcoming board meeting and annual meeting is the next priority task.

This Slack post introduced a proposal for a strategic approach for future acquisitions. Is there Board support to begin implementing this?

Planning for Annual Meeting

  • Bylaw changes to be proposed
  • Recruitment and Nominations for Leadership Positions
    • VP is not in bylaws - need to outline description+duties and add? (Action Item)
      • We also have no current nominees
  • Nominations close this weekend - is there anyone we want to reach out to that we haven't?

Equipment Abuse

  • People keep breaking shit and shit keeps going missing

Establish a 'Board of Election'

Slack Discussion:

General idea is to codify in the bylaws a committee for managing running our elections in a non-partisan manner.

5. For a vote of the Membership, the Directors shall appoint a three-member election committee, responsible to deploy the vote of the Membership, tally the votes and present the results. The committee members shall not be current officers or directors. Those named shall not be nominated in the vote. Those named shall not have a personal or financial relationship with somebody on the ballot.

Hive13 Library proposal


Purchase vote procedure

Purchase Vote Procedure written by User:Kevingreenbmx is waiting on review and/or approval by the board.

Outreach Committee Plans and Shoutout

  • Outreach was STELLAR at Pride!
    • See #outreach for naming names but everyone represented the Hive really well.
    • Learned a lot for next year!
  • We intend to enter the BLINK parade!
    • Guiding theme line 'Together: a constellation of shared cultures and unique identities; we illuminate joy through creative expression'
      • Surprise surprise we're bringing umbrellas
        • Easy to carry for long distances, cheap bases, lots of opportunities!
        • Constellation umbrellas (each member picks one with a meaning to them) and personalized!
      • Mixing in different Hive members reading the guiding poem over a speaker mixed with music in between readings (like 4 songs so we don't get super tired of it)
      • Creating an entry that can be enjoyed in multiple aspects!
  • Made in Camp
    • A great way to connect with our community and local makers
    • Getting media and cross-promoting. Drumming up hype and getting people out there!
    • Bringing people in, not just putting a sign out.
      • Possibly using the lot with other makers in 2701 or just us?
        • Let's talk to the landlords.
      • If in the lot, we have some ideas!
        • Busting out some of our racing stuff
        • Tesla coil
        • Button making
        • Learn to solder
        • AND MUCH MORE!
  • General outreach shenanigans
    • For appearances, we need some basic stuff to belong at the Hive we can take to and from events.
      • Basics
        • Two folding chairs, folding table, Hive13 banner
      • Dream items
        • Hive13 table cloth, pop up canopy for booth, extension cords, surge protectors
  • Outreach committee is hustling AND bustling! Next meeting July 20th, 7:30pm!



- We'll have like $34,000 dollars by the end of the year if the rest of the months of the year look like June. - Conversation during the finance committee updates moved towards discussing how we can encourage membership to discuss and "champion" new tools/machines/things for the space.

- which channels in slack are the "default" ones that new members join when they first join Slack.

- there has been conversation around having "warden committees" to serve the space rather than just a single person - idea from Kate C. -- a weekly/monthtly message of what's been "hot points" of discussion


- Budget for booth accompaniment proposal of \$66 for now

- we'll come back in a month for it

- this vote has **passed**

Annual Meeting

- VP position still has not been filled with a nomination

- Dax has mentioned they they will fill in the VP position if no one does it

- Paul P. has mentioned that this position should be membership focused, proposal: vp is more "chief membership officer" oriented.

- Paul P. has volunteered to write up this proposal, and has mentioned that he would gladly take this position!

- Bylaw changes

- have been proposed and available for some time.

- pinned in the #leadership_discussion channel in Slack, but Dave V. will relink these changes for discussion

- bylaw changes will need to be updated to reflect that a _current_ member in leadership can also be a part of the election committee

- Election Committee

- Drew K + 2 other people will gather to administer the vote.

Library Proposal

- Jack M. has been elected warden for the Library.

- this also means that we have member can also

Broken Stuff around the hive

- Chris D. mentions that this is much more of a COO & Warden issue and that the board should be focused on just checking in with those stakeholders for updates. - Paul P. mentions that something like this can also show value in new membership orientation & mentorship.

Purchase Vote Procedure

- the primary point is to have the board ratify the procedure we are _currently_ using with some minor tweaks with the goal of having a more procedural approach to how votes happen at the hive. - the board has voted to **approve** the vote procedure. moving forward, the Purchase Vote Procedure is how we will vote on discretionary spending for the Hive.discrestionary spending

The Hive has been donated a stove and some stainless steel tables from Maverick Chocolate. Thank you!!

The board graciously thanks those people who have served on leadership but will not be returning to leadership positions

To do

- [ ] figure out how many "active" people we have on discourse

- [ ] Paul P. will write up a proposal for the VP position to become a Chief Membership Officer position

- [ ] Dave V. will relink bylaw changes for discussion for the impending annual meeting