Board Meeting - July 12th, 2017

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting July 12th, 2017


  • The annex
    • Poke again tonight
  • Physical "desk" space for leadership
  • Camera system
  • Laser minutes (are they still relevant/necessary)?
    • Should we try to vote at the annual meeting or after (doesn't need quorum, so doesn't matter with regards to that)
    • Anyone want to volunteer to do this?
  • Makerfairs
    • Louisville is end of September
    • CMMF is October
      • Should try to sync up an open house
    • Pittsburgh is near CMMF
      • Have been approached by that hackerspace (correct?, maybe not)
    • We really need a trailer
      • Greg might have a vehicle to pull it
      • Might do a GoFundMe or something to get it
      • Maybe ask the Building Values if they can help
      • Bring it up to the membership to see if any can help
  • Potential new member review
  • Voting system
    • Progress
  • Bylaw updates for annual meeting
    • Do we want/need to make any changes now that the lawyer vote went through
      • Might be premature with this development, thoughts?
  • Any great members we want to nominate as potential leadership for the next year
    • Missing board member nominations, all others have one
  • Officer transitions
    • Would be a good time to do a year plan
  • Let's gather some projects, some accomplishments, and some numbers (financial, etc.) for the annual report (a year in review)