Board Meeting - July 12th, 2021

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: In Person and Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


  • Preparation for Annual Meeting
  • Closure of nominations for officers board.
  • Closure of amendments to bylaws.
  • Annual Budget Review
  • Maintaining 501(c)3 status and and other questions being addressed by Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio
  • Implementation of Hive13 Membership Agreement Approved 2020.03.09.pdf
  • New Slack channel - #leadership_discussion
  • Invitation to 2701 tenants to visit Hive13 on Tuesday evening. Perhaps an open house evening for all tenant spaces.

Frisbee Round

  • Do you have any personal projects that you are working on?
  • Cake and ice cream is still left over from Saturday!



  • Dave S, Kate C, Dave V, Chris D, Scott H, Paul V, Kayla L, Tara K, Heath B, Jim D, Kevin M, John C, Drew K, Lisa C,

Preparation for Annual Meeting

  • Kayla to send out an email and announcement stating the closing of nominations / bylaw changes

Treasurer Report

  • we're currently at 123 members! The most we've had
  • We've had about $37k in operating expenses with a monthly income of slightly over $5k
  • AC Fund Drive was a HUGE success - raised approx $11k
    • $8400 payment will hit next month

501(c)3 Status

  • What to do to maintain status?
  • 2 topics have caused this to come up
    • First Topic: To what extent can Hive13 support people supporting small businesses?
      • Act as we have - Hive13 is a workspace for people of Cincinnati and surrounding area, we do not aid in supporting businesses. Members may create what they choose, but must respect that it is not their personal workshop. This follows guidelines
    • Second Topic: the completion of lengthy financial documents due to surpassing a certain $ threshold/
  • We need to state/potentially update what our top 3 things that show we're a 501(c)3
    • First and foremost, we are a workspace that provides a place for the people of Cincinnati and the surrounding area to create.
    • We also aid in educating the public on the many ways that things can be created through our certifcation classes and outreach (ie; learn to solder, etc)
  • Lawyer talk
    • We do not have a lawyer assigned to us through pro bono, but Dave V is in contact with them on the process of it

Membership application

  • Was created ~March 2020 and not implemented.
    • Includes code of conduct on how members are expected to behave and use the space. Be excellent to each other
    • Per Chris Davis "we'll fix the application nonsense, it's not a big deal"

Discussion on Leadership itself

  • Hidden Slack Channel v Public Slack channel
    • The benefit to having a closed leadership channel
      • Items that are pinned that cannot be shared with general public membership (ie; passwords, codes, etc)
      • Wordsmithing of policies, announcements, etc. Let's face it, that's boring and there's no value to making that public.
  • Public Leadership slack channel
    • John created #leadership_discussion to improve transparency / eliminate any perceived malignant secrecy
    • Benefits
      • alternative to emailing
      • Useful for things that leadership should know, but don't want to get lost in #discussion
        • Ie; the damn door has been propped open again
      • Provides a look into what being on leadership is like - may get members more engaged and incentivized to be a part of leadership
  • Should we make #leadership_discussion an automatically added Slack channel?
    • General consensus - yes. Announcement should be made clarifying the purpose and intended use
    • Let's get better at threading

Open House?

  • We don't know other tenants, it would be lovely to
  • We're beginning to creep into a post-pandemic world, and we miss socialization
  • Let's throw a fucking party. Not tacked onto a work day, just an intended social event
  • Post flyers in 2701 inviting other tenants to attend

Proposition of VP Officer role

  • Addition of Vice President officer role proposed by Chris Davis
    • Supported by Scott Hively, Chris Davis, and Dave Velzy
    • Proposal passes
    • Chris Davis nominates Tara Keller for VP
    • Tara Keller declines her President nomination, and accepts nomination for VP
  • Really, other officer positions could use more support. However, the role of a VP is very clearly laid out, and easily replicated in other organizations.
    • The primary intention for the VP role is twofold:
      • backup for the President when they are not able / available to fulfill their duties
      • start the implementation of a “leadership pipeline” - the idea is that a member interested in being president or another leadership role would serve as VP first.