Board Meeting - July 27th, 2020

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


New Board Orientation

Intweb and new member signup/orientation

  • Intweb
    • member list
    • storage system
    • reports
  • Camera system
    • Orwell
  • Prospective member tours
    • items to always cover
  • newly signed up member tours
    • items to always cover

What follows is likely an unorganized list of bullet points to be ordered up by relevance later.

  • Who on leadership would like to be responsible for managing requests to join the Hive13 mailing list?
  • Messages on the Hive13 mailing list are public just like the wiki. If you wouldn't put it on the wiki, likewise don't put it on the mailing list. (examples: door codes and wifi passwords)
    • Leadership mailing list and SLACK channel are not public. However these and all Hive13 communications are subject to lawful subpoena.
  • Regain control of Hive13 Google Business
    • I (Dave Schwinn) now have primary ownership of Hive13's Google Business. I have given ownership as well.
    • See if we can get KOI to remove their 2701 business location
  • Hive13 Leadership shared drive in G Suite
    • ...all 2020-2021 leadership now has access to this. You must sign in with your Hive G Suite account
  • Wiki crash course
    • Make sure all leaders have wiki accounts and know their passwords
    • Finances and Budget


  • New leadership members should familiarize themselves with administrative area of Intweb

Signing Up New Members

  • There is a new member orientation page on Wiki
    • However, this needs to be updated to represent 2701
    • It's hard to standardize what needs to be in the tour while we're setting everything up
  • Ask questions as to what potential member is interested in specifically
  • Focus on community aspect; see if there's someone that we can get them in touch with regarding their interest
  • Something to consider in the future
    • Used to have a longer new member sign up vetting period
    • May want to be more selective with new space and new capabilities
      • Unsure how we would want to implement this; multiple signatures? bring back frisbee round? Will come back to this
  • Idea of having a reference sheet
    • Grant has considered this with his signage.
  • Maybe set up a video tour with Will A? Drone tour?
    • Video that Will did with Lisa re: sewing is great, looking forward to having more of these
    • Reboot Youtube?

Leadership Admin Transfer

  • Kayla, Schwinn and Drew will handle mailing list approval
  • Schwinn and Drew will handle Google business delegation
  • KOI to remove 2701 business location
  • Need to make a point to organize G Suite
    • Velzy has added documents for leadership to access\
    • Liability waivers have been updated and will need to be re-signed
    • Look into if there is a way to have files available to non leadership members (ie; Schwinn brought up having a link of templates of graphics and such to send to Grant for signage)

Other Misc Business

  • Idea of moving "last updated" date on Wiki pages to top of page to make old pages more clear
  • Things will need to be updated on Wiki to reflect new space
  • Idea for votes; Jim saw another Makerspace use separate emails/threads for votes; 1 for discussion and 1 just for votes, so that votes don't get lost in discussion
  • Re: reimbursements; Jim is very reasonable, just asks that you email him for reimbursement so that there is documentation.
    • Will update wiki with information that is needed for those reimbursements
  • Jim & Velzy had been working on a budget projection pre-move/COVID.
    • Still something we want to work on
    • Lisa has ideas. This is a good team
  • Chris Davis has a gov deals tax exempt account that is all set. Is getting 3 basin sink.

Future Meetings

  • We have moved! Yes there is still a lot of organization and work to be done, but that is a BIG hump that we got over
  • Let's get back to making things. The move was hard, and stressful. We need to decompress and remember why we love this place.
  • Want to re-emphasize the community that we built
  • Send WIP projects or completed projects to Tara Keller for the website.