Board Meeting - June 13th, 2022

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:



Jim has posted the finances summary to Slack:

Outreach Check-in

  • We will be in the Pride parade!
  • T-shirts are all in and paid for.
  • Made in Camp planning and discussion is underway.
  • Honeycombs and Mentoring are in progress.
    • Thank you Kayla L. and Jackson B.!
  • Like, comment, and subscribe gamers.

Planning for Annual Meeting

  • Bylaw changes to be proposed
  • Recruitment and Nominations for Leadership Positions
    • VP is not in bylaws - need to outline description+duties and add? (Action Item)

Establish a 'Board of Election'

Slack Discussion:

General idea is to codify in the bylaws a committee for managing running our elections in a non-partisan manner.

5. For a vote of the Membership, the Directors shall appoint a three-member election committee, responsible to deploy the vote of the Membership, tally the votes and present the results. The committee members shall not be current officers or directors. Those named shall not be nominated in the vote. Those named shall not have a personal or financial relationship with somebody on the ballot.

Sign in sheet?

Is the sign in sheet still required for members who badge in?

  • PTV: This was discussed during a board meeting a while ago, but I don't think any formal actions resulted from it. At the time it seemed the consensus could be boiled down to three points:
    1. If you badge into the space: Don't sign in.
    2. If you did not badge in: Sign in.
    3. If you have guests: They sign in.
  • The point of the sign in sheet is to allow us to contact people who were in the space when a member who was in the space tests positive for COVID.
  • If we need a one liner: If you are a member and use your badge to access the space, you do not need to sign in. If you have guests, they need to sign in.

How to handle 'in kind' membership exchanges

This may be best served by first discussing this in Slack's #leadership_discussion but there has been at least two recent instances of people inquiring about 'in kind' membership exchanges. Eg: Can I get a year of membership for XYZ.

  • Ex: As a thank you to the Weaver's Guild for assisting us with getting the looms usable Slack Discussion in #leadership
    • Will B: The weavers are here helping setting up the looms. One of the members is interested in becoming a hive member, but concerned about the total cost. There was talk a month ago about donating a 1 year membership to them as a thank you for the help with the looms. Velzy is going to propose some mechanics of how to do this at the board meeting tomorrow. I wanted to put this on everyone’s radar. In case everyone agrees that this is a thing that should be done, and we should tell them we will do it as soon as we figure out the details of how to do it administratively.

Purchase vote procedure

Purchase Vote Procedure written by User:Kevingreenbmx is waiting on review and/or approval by the board.


Finance: In summary, we are in good shape. The details through May are in the Finance postings. Paypal invoices were successfully used for the latest t-shirt sale. Sales tax was charged and a will be paid to the state. Jim will experiment with Paypal invoices to leadership members with intent to deploy this to all members.

Outreach: The Pride Parade on June 25th has good support. Be there.

Preparation for the Annual Meeting: This is an opportunity to restart our Hive13 social calendar. Saturday July 23rd. Potluck Lunch at 12:00 followed by annual meeting at 2:00pm Announcement for the meeting to go out immediately with a call for nominations. Deadline for nominations and bylaw amendments is 7 days before the meeting = July 16th.

At the request of Drew K. (CTO). The Board approved the formation of an election committee which will oversee the formal voting process for the elections. The committee shall consist of members who are not involved with the current vote of the membership. Neither candidates nor plus ones. The Board will approach experienced members to serve on the first election committee. Formal wording will be proposed for inclusion in the bylaws in SLACK leadership discussion.

The proposed changes to bylaws informally known as the Wardens amendment will receive one more round of wordsmith scrubbing and be submitted for approval.

To encourage members to run for office, The current leadership team is encouraged to post their own story on SLACK and DISCOURSE telling - Why do I do this?

Sign In Sheet: Members No Longer Need to Sign In. Only Guests need to sign in. Not that COVID is over, but the door RFID logs and video track members sufficiently.

Discussion of 'in kind' membership exchanges: Hive13 has a long standing policy not to trade memberships for donations of equipment or materials. Why? Since 2009, Hive13 has grown because many Members voluntarily donated their time, efforts and equipment to make Hive13 the successful organization that it is today. We should not alter this policy. In response to the proposal that a membership be extended to a member of the Weavers Guild. The conclusion was to add a Weaving Warden position and offer that position with associated discount.

Purchase vote procedure: The current undocumented proforma purchasing process was initiated as membership began to grow and it became difficult to achieve quorum for a vote of the membership to make needed operational purchases. The procedure was made in a google document that was subsequently lost. Kevin has attempted to document the current process and provide guidance in making responsible decisions. Discussion of the process cited these points: 1) The board retains fiduciary responsibility to the corporation and therefore needs to hold veto over expenditure proposals. This can be solved by adding a single sentence. "Votes are subject to veto by the board." As in, No you may not spend all the money on a party. In balance the board members may be removed by a vote of the membership. 2) The leadership team agreed that a minimum number of votes should be required to approve an expenditure. That minimum number would require the person(s) proposing the spending vote to engage with members to vote in support of the spending. The minimum number of votes required would be set by vote of the board. Further discussion and wordsmithing is required and encouraged in SLACK Leadership_Discussion. The intent is for the Board to approve this updated procedure in the July Board meeting.

The question was raised: How many members are actively signed into Discourse. Data to follow.


Attending - Kayla L, Dax K, Paul V, Kate C, Cris H, Jim D, John C, Chris D, Kostas P, Dave V. (Taking Minutes - Please excuse my mess)

  • start time: 7:30
  • end time: 8:35