Board Meeting - March 14th, 2022

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:




  • Kitchen Committee Meeting - March 19th, 2022
  • Final Meeting Prior to posing kitchen budget vote
  • Expect a $9k-10k vote
    • will be spread out over the rest of the year
    • about 1/2 of available budget for member votes through the rest of 2022 - set expectations accordingly


  • T-shirts!
    • Logo orders end on the 18th, member design order ends on April 1st.
      • Kevin M.: maybe extend logo to end at same time, make single order?
    • Ordering extra of logo shirt, just to keep on hand, based off of membership trends for April-August.
  • Parades
    • Pride
    • BLINK - goal for us this year?
  • Member engagement
    • New member kits and guides
    • Hive gala??
  • These are just the big issues Outreach wanted to notify the board of. Other stuff for our meeting is on the agenda for the meeting on the 16th.


The February financials are done. The Open Finance site is updated with the latest numbers. Membership has climbed in each of the last three months. For February, we are at 146 members, one less than our all-time-high of 147 last November. We have on-boarded more new members in the past weeks so March should be a new all-time high. All is good.

  • For Feb. 2022 we are at 146 members with membership revenue of $5,898.
  • Our Feb. 2022 "Fixed Expenses" (Rent, Insurance, PP Fees, Warden Budget and MRO vote) were only $752.09. Our landlord did not cash our $2,875 rent check as expected this month, so this rent amount has been put into reserve.
  • Our Feb. 2022 "Discretionary Expenses" were $2,650.30 for membership vote reimbursements.
  • We started the month with $32,008.30 in operating funds and ended the month at $34,341.17. Of this ending balance, $27,059 is "encumbered funds" (for the 6-month rainy day reserve, lump-sum membership pre-payments, AC Fund Drive unspent balance, and budgeted-but-not-yet-spent membership votes).
  • We have a current allowance of $7,282 available for discretionary purposes.

Recent SLACK posts have favored creating a Hive13 "Strategic Plan". I continue to encourage the finance committee and leadership to adapt that goal to find and organized way for membership to propose, consider, discuss, and determine a consensus priority plan for how we choose to spend such discretionary funds going forward.

Slow progress is being made on 2021 tax filings and QuickBooksOnlinePlus implementation.


  • Intweb replacement
  • WiFi performance update
    • Any recent problems seen?
    • Carl, 2701's network person is now a Hive13 member.


  • Discuss Markup for Warden Bylaw revision.
    • Separate Discount from Warden position.
    • Contact Information visibility to membership
      • Kayla itching to finish this
    • Committees pick Wardens?
  • Multiple people interested in being electronics warden - good opportunity for creation of committee?
  • The SLACK #warden_discussion channel is being used to setup a team to work on wiki asset documentation improvements (added by JimD)

Other issues

  • Strategic Planning
    • OneSource - Outline for Strategic Planning process Roughly $1500 Possibly less. (ProBono Partnership does not do this kind of service.)
    • Budget Planning.
  • Continue sign in sheet discussion from Slack and other covid things
  • Kevin drafted a Purchase Vote Procedure - review/comment/adopt?
  • Parking Tag System needs Asset Tag info added now that that has been implemented
  • Old table saw and planer - they have value, turn them into money?
  • Kayla has been working on updating list of who feels comfortable teaching things around the Hive
    • Update wiki pages for those machines/items, if you scan the asset tag?
    • Should we compile / update a list of people who are interested in teaching classes non related to certification? (ie; block printing, wire wrapping jewelry, etc).
  • Emergency contact list
    • About 1/3 of members have no emergency contact info, including about half of leadership.
    • Brief discussion of updating the info.
    • Where should it reside? (Concerns about possible conflicts with privacy policy.)
    • Do we need name tags?
  • Will B. van donation


  • start time: 7:35pm
  • end time:


  • Kayla L.
  • Kostas P.
  • Chris D
  • Dave V
  • Jackson
  • Dax
  • John C
  • Hodapp
  • Jim D
  • Schwinn
  • Kate C.



  • Meeting coming up, the 19th!
  • Kayla has a LIST!
  • Budget vote upcoming, come to the committee meeting and voice your opinions and concerns!


  • literally so many things going on
  • please give your input in #outreach and at the Outreach Committee meetings!
    • blink meeting will happen to start the application process
  • new member kits are going to be a HIT
  • there are a lot of other things happening at the meeting on the 16th!


  • numbers are back up to Nov 2021 peak
    • we'll hit ATH in membership in March 2022


  • intweb replacement is coming
    • progress has been made on discourse
      • heath to take action item to explain what Discourse is, why we're moving to it
  • some finer things to iron out in the tech committee meeting

Hot Crafts

  • vote passed so lots of things to do!


  • Dax, Dave V, and Jim will look into who is paying what level of membership (I.e. who's paying student and warden rates)
    • the biggest question: will people not be wardens if they don't get the discount?
      • this is the reason we need to discuss bylaw changes for wardenship

Other Issues

  • Makership needs to be discussed and ironed out.
    • concerns: maintaining it.
      • who gets it
      • renewal process
      • keeping track of who has one
    • annual thing?
    • this is not a novel idea
      • we have models to work off of
  • warden membership needs to be discussed
    • are we going to remove the warden discount?
    • John C will discuss

Asset Tracking

  • There are 4 interested people in lobbying for a zoom meeting (as a part of the warden effort) to discuss asset tracking
  • This has become a very hot topic
  • What we need first and foremost is a clear process on how to add an asset

Strategic Planning

  • "every non-profit should have a strategic plan" --> onesource
    • they have a process
    • they help us put together a strategic plan over a few meetings with key stakeholders of the org
  • chris D to follow up with his contact on this
  • probono don't do dis
  • we have examples to work from
    • artisan's society has one that we can take a look at
  • should be 4 pages minimum


  • should sign-in sheet go away?
    • it should be optional
      • we do have the data (RFID logs) for sign in

The Van

  • Do we want to we want to discuss accepting a cargo van as a donation?
    • Kostas sees benefits
    • We need to probably talk numbers first

Follow up!

  • Purchase Procedure -- read it!
  • Let's get together in a week and catch up on how we're doing
  • Emergency contact list --> kayla to follow up with drew to send out a survey to remind people to update their info
  • Discourse transition --> heath to give clear outline of what Discourse is and why we're transitioning and how Discourse fits within our current Communication protocols
  • Strategic Planning --> Dave and Chris to follow up with their contacts to continue to move things forward