Board Meeting - March 6th, 2023

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
Video call link:


  • We do not have a clear path for further decision-making at this point, today.
    • Does anyone feel we need more information/investigation/interview to make a decision? if so, what? (Schwinn is currently working on providing the consolidated video)
    • Where are we each at? Do we have anything close to actionable consensus? If not, how do we reach it?
      • Where are we regarding the pending criminal investigation? Is full cooperation from Matt required in order for us to proceed?
  • Can we generate a list of pros and cons for keeping or terminating MZ's membership? Above all, we need to be mindful of the precedent we set for Membership as a whole, and we need to be prepared to explain our decisions.
    • Would it be a viable option to re-instate Matt without guest privilages?
  • Regarding the future in-person conversation with Matt - while it may seem overwhelming to require him to meet with Leadership as a whole, I (Kate) do not see an acceptable alternative that would keep all of us in the loop. In reality, only one or two of us would be speaking directly to Matt, with the rest there to ask questions and to witness/listen.
    • Leadership should approach this conversation with a clear agenda that ideally would begin with allowing Matt to make a statement.
    • Depending on where the investigation is at the time we meet with Matt, having clarification from Matt regarding his knowledge of any existing criminal record of suspect_m & suspect_f would certainly play a role in Leadership's decision moving forward.

Meeting Minutes


- Chris Davis

- Paul Vincent

- Dave Schwinn

- Kostas Perentesis

- Jack Margeson

- Dave Velzy

- Jim Dallam

- John Clark

- Kate Cook

- Kevin McLeod

- Ryan Anderson

Minutes: 07:30pm–9:10pm


- Kate:

   - Schwinn is waiting on a returned call from the detective

   - How do we separate these two things (the theft and what we do with Matt)?

- Schwinn:

   - We are waiting on a follow-up call with the detective

   - Will call back tomorrow about the case

   - We should have a list of what we *think* was stolen

   - Any member who brings a guest in is in effect vouching for them.  Should Matt have known better?

   - You cannot talk about this without seeing the video

- Kostas:

   - We shouldn't move forward without talking to Matt and hearing his side of the story

   - Willing to draft up a suspension notice procedure

   - We need to keep Matt the loop

   - He broke pretty much every single guest rule of the space

- Velzy:

   - What's missing? That's the essence of this whole thing

   - Hard to turn to Matt and ask for a quote for something to which we don't know exists

   - Until we can get a list of what's missing, we're going to struggle with this

   - The question is: do we trust Matt?

   - Matt's stepping up to responsibility is what we worry about

- Chris Davis:

   - Do we need to have another membership message and another message to Matt at this point?

   - It's pretty standard in a theft to not know what is missing

   - The whole point is: what do we do about Matt? What happens with the two of them is besides the point

   - I think that there are a series of questions that we should ask Matt before moving forward, including his involvement in working with the police and a better understanding of what Matt's awareness was in the two suspects previous records

   - At the end of the day, you are vouching for your guests. This is what our agreement says

   - I did not see a lot of responsibility in that letter—he felt victimized

   - We are not in a position to maintain every single things (in regard to the no-guest thing)

   - What is our action for the next time we get robbed?

   - My current view with the video that I've seen is pretty direct. I can see my view changing after a discussion with Matt and with the police

- Kevin:

   - Do many or even all of us feel like we need more information to move the Matt issue forward? Regardless of the criminal report

   - If anyone thinks we need more information, we need to have these in a list

   - We have suspensions for a reason.

   - If you watched full days worth of video of any members using the space, you would see them be completely oblivious

   - We need to set a date for speaking with him and making a decision otherwise this will drag on forever and be stressful for everyone involved

- John Clark:

   - To some extent, my solution would be to get everything back, although, its not feasible

- Ryan Anderson

   - People need to be responsible for their guests

   - I don't see expulsion as a first-term problem

   - I don't dispute that the membership agreement was broken, but I think the question is what is the appropriate sanction

   - Would expulsion create a chilling effect on people bringing guests?

Action Items

- Kostas: Work on drafting up a suspension notice procedure for future incidences

- Schwinn: Call the detectives back about the case tomorrow and refer them to Velzy for Matt's address and information

- Kate: Create a document as another follow up with Matt that helps to clear up the entanglement between the two issues and set up a meeting date

- Everyone:

   - Please check out the document that Kevin put in leadership_private to talk about questions that we need to ask Matt when we meet with him

   - Please watch the video.