Board Meeting - May 14th, 2018

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Board Meetings
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  • Open Finance Website updates
  • Review Membership Report
    • Report should have been sent to leadership the morning of the meeting.
  • New Member sign-up procedures
    • Two officer signatures required - change the form to make clear it's approval of the candidate as a member, not having received the form
  • Physical Plant Status
    • Saturday Cleanup - punt due to roofing? Focus on something else?
    • Roof Repair status
    • Annex
      • Heating still needs work, but that'll likely be punted to October or so.
      • Electrical and Network Wiring - We're ready to run the 240V power?
    • Move status
    • Greg is working hard on getting the door controller onto a circuit board instead of a breadboard.
    • A/C Status
      • Kitchen unit was bad; replaced with spare
      • One of the units in the wood shop is bad
      • We currently have 5½ tons in the main area and a little less than a ton in the annex
      • The annex and the main room both really need another ton.
      • Should put a vote up for two additional units - one with a heat pump for the lounge, then move the current unit to somewhere else
      • We seem to be able to keep the Hive about twelve degrees below ambient.
    • Lounge Expansion
  • Storage
    • Vertical Storage
      • Finish steps
      • Finish slots
      • Number slots and add to intweb
    • Shelf D
      • Needs to be lined and numbered
      • Finish purging the stuff there
  • intweb
    • What can it do to make your job easier?
    • Upcoming features - membership applications, voting, direct link to member profile
    • Bug or feature request? Put it on GitHub. See Greg or Ian for help with that.
    • Consider having Certifications and Tool Reservation on it
  • Warden positions to fill
  • Elections
    • Two months away
    • Anything to get ready for them?
    • Bylaws
      • Probationary membership period
      • Create clear procedures for suspension and/or expulsion. Be fair, but make sure problems can be dealt with.
        • This may eliminate the need for a probationary period.
      • Protection of members' personal information, digital rights, dignity
      • Clean up stupid spelling errors, etc.
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture