Board Meeting - May 8th, 2023

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
Video call link: [1]
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Review task items from last meeting

  • Nominations for Director Vacancy - Followed by election
    • Start recruiting for an election committee and planning for annual election
  • Thoughts on recent thefts going forward
  • Classes and certifications


  • Update on funding efforts for a Cincinnati Council of Makers by UMA - Urban Manufacturing Alliance
  • COO report
    • At the moment, the COO has had limited and unpredictable availability due to family health issues.
    • Loose ends: requests for vertical storage spots.
  • CTO Report
    • Azure: used 1360/3500 (39%) credits from 12/11/2022-05/07/2023
    • On-prem virtual server and new camera server are set up. Testing/config in progress
    • IT shelves moved to North side of dungeon

Area/Warden Reports

  • Concern/comments from the 4/26/23 Wardens’ meeting:
    • We need a forum for discussion (conversation) about possible and proposed improvements to the Hive.
    • As well as some technical/semi-technical issues.
    • It would also facilitate strategic planning.
    • It used to happen at the weekly Tuesday meeting.
    • It has been requested that we re-establish it.
    • Alternatives?
    • Discussion
  • Outreach
    • April CMC event was a blast! We had new to outreach members join us. We've been really working on Learn to Sew and we've been discussing redesigning the LTSolder boards to be a bit more user friendly. In the future. Near future.
      • Currently discussing CMC event for June dates! Join us in #outreach
    • Pride workdays start this month! We've had great responses to walking and hope to represent us well.
    • Waiting to hear back from the comic expo. Applied for a local org highlight booth.
    • Please message Kostas/Outreach on Slack (no leadership action required)
  • 3D printing
    • The UM2 is still giving us hell and a tear-down/exam of the print head rendered no further answers. Looking for more help (and fresh eyes) and discussing future action including possible printer replacement.
      • Members have been working together on this printer for a couple months. They've been doing great work but more hands are helpful.
      • RPR is slow but steady. Josty made an enclosure (see #3d-printing 4/7/2023) and has offered to share the files for making it. Working on determining what materials we need and have vs. buying and CNC usage.
    • Please message Kostas/3d-printing on Slack (no leadership action required)

Parking Lot for carry over assignments

- All leadership: start thinking about how we should improve vote procedures. Study the new financial stuff to get acquainted with it.

- Paul Vincent: organize/help work on setting up a wiki workday

- Kate Cook: Schedule next Dungeon Masters meeting

- Jim and Kevin: moving forward with repair budget procedure talk to find a resolution

- John and Paul: continue to lead the effort about vote procedure improvements with a thread in Slack/committee/whatever you want to call it

- Chris Davis: find out more about the intern program at DAAP

- DONE = Jack and Jim have gotten the banking details imported into Redbubble

Classes & Certification

- Kate will reschedule the short class on "How to structure a class for HIVE13"


- Jack Margeson

- Ryan Anderson

- John Clark

- Kevin McLeod

- Jim Dallam

- Chris Davis

- Dave Velzy

- Kate Cook

- Cyrina Thomas

Minutes: 7:30pm–9:00pm

Review Items

New Board Director

- Current nominations for director vacancy:

   - Cyrina Thomas

- Closing at tomorrow night's meeting

Thoughts on theft

- We need to craft better procedure as a leadership entity and we are far on our way to do this

- Biggest takeaway from this situation is the time to respond to allegations

- Notes from the tech committee: we need to have a group of people set who are able to look at the camera.

   - Will follow up with discussion on this topic at the warden's meeting

- As soon as we suspect something happening, we should have the president choose someone as the main point of contact to make sure that investigation is timely

- We definitely need to have a sliding scale of punishment for various things that fall before/between/around suspension and termination

   - Scales on things like safety violations, respect of the space, and guest policy violations

   - These scales should be laid out in the membership agreement when developed


- Kevin ran glass class—announcement was structured well

- Kate wants to run announcements about classes in the future


- UMA alliance

   - Went out to get funding and got ghosted and have not gotten any bites unfortunately

   - Question is: how do you start something like this?

   - Velzy keeping in touch with them and working on prospectus

   - What is the overarching point—what do they get out of creating/us joining an alliance like this? Would be benefit from a community that's larger?

- Concerns from the wardens meeting

   - More open conversations at the space

   - We need more circle like format

   - Less virtual stuff


- Hive accounting continues to transition

- We still have money to spend on improvements (zero dollars spent on improvement in April)

- 209 members as of end of April

- See presentation


- Vertical storage cleanup necessary


- Azure usage good :)

- New camera server has been set up

Follow up topics

- For the warden's meeting—what do you think about having camera access only to your own warden space?

- Think about improving voting procedures

- Should uncontested votes not be voted on? Policy procedure change here.

Action Items

- Ryan Anderson:

   - look into post membership vote for new board director

- Jack Margeson:

   - Draft a post about a sliding scale of punishment to be posted in leadership private, post before tomorrow's meeting upon approval

- Kate Cook:

   - Announce the punishment discussion at tomorrow's meeting

   - Schedule another Dungeon Masters meeting

   - Create list of things that a potential intern

- Dave Velzy:

   - Keep in contact and keep sharing ideas for improvement with UMA

- Chris Davis

   - Post discussion about purchase/vote procedures in leadership discussion channels

- Kevin McLeod:

   - Put together a list of "closing items" that we need to have at the end of meetings

- All leadership:

   - Take a look and input on the updated punishments posts on Slack, Discourse

   - Start thinking about how we can improve voting procedures