Board Meeting - November 10, 2014

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting November 2014 Next Meeting Monday Dec 8 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Area Wardens
  • RFID access
  • Grants
  • wiki and member onboarding
  • equipment purchase spreadsheet/budgeting


  • Ryan
  • Jim S
  • Jon
  • Dave B
  • Dave M
  • Elly
  • Shadoxx


  • Incentives
    • "Hive Points", points accumulated for doing things around the space
    • points would create an economy, too complex.
    • $50/mo may be too much. Maybe the people who would want this wouldn't even be members right now?
    • Having really active people helping with an incentive is worth its weight in gold.
  • One person in charge of wardens. This would hopefully cut down on drama.
  • pumping station one has done this and is succesful. Let's talk to them. Jon and Dave know people there.
  • Let's do a three month trial run!
  • Jim S will organize a meeting to flesh this out in the next month.
    • Thoughts:
      • $25 starting discount
      • 3mo trial run
      • 1 class a month
      • maintain area and take responsibility for repair/heading up buying new things for area (make spreadsheet for requesting things to buy)
      • Purchases through Ryan or Jim S?
  • RFID Access
    • 90 ish people have rfid cards and we only have 55ish members. Huh.
    • Tough luck for those people. Let's disable it.
    • Updated contact list needed for outside door
  • wiki and member onboarding
    • Would a tuesday talk on wiki be good? Yes!
  • The wiki needs more publicity!
    • Let's do a two minute wiki segment at the beginning every meeting would really help with this.
    • the server is poop. Needs a fix.
      • Dave B wants a new server in the colo.
      • Ryan wants a VM. Dave delivers VM. BAM. Team work.
  • Grants
    • Elly, Katie, and Jim S are handling this. Katie has a few leads on this already.
  • Membership onboarding
    • A couple applications didn't make it to leadership. This leaves people in limbo.
    • Dave needs to be put on leadership distribution list
    • Jim D needs help with the hive finance dropbox.
  • Looking toward the future of the space
    • possibly consulting about other organizations bigger than us on how they made the switch from small to big
    • better organization required
    • RFID all machines, label them all with a consistent labeling system
  • We need to get a good microphone setup at the space for people who want to attend meetings remotely and it would be cool to record talks.
    • Brandon has some ideas, Dave B has an audio engineer friend.
  • Do we have/need a motto/slogan/mission statement?
    • Jon says fuck no!
    • It is in the bylaws under "purpose of the organization"
  • Can we have deadlines on monetary purchase?
    • 90 days?
    • per project deadline?
    • Do a motion two meetings from now.
    • Let's do a per project deadline. If they run out of time they can ask for an extension.
    • Brandon is going to tell the membership. (Deadline Next Meeting)

Next Actions

  • money deadlines being implemented - Brandon
    • Spreadsheet - Ryan
  • RFID deadlines - Jon
  • Getting liz's stuff moved out of the space - Dave B
  • Area wardens - Jim S