Board Meeting - November 9th, 2015

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting November 9, 2015


Old Bidness

  • Purgatory
  • Moving website (Ryan and/or Dark Ian)
    • Backups?
  • Finance
    • Expense Reports/Warden Reimbursement
    • Pending Applications
    • PayPal Review

New Business

  • Review - Pending applications
  • Review - PayPal data
  • Dustin attending Camp Washington Community Council this evening.
  • lower cost of laser minutes


  • Dave Lear
  • Ryan
  • Elly
  • Jon
  • Ian B (call in)


  • Purgatory (done)
  • Moving website
    • Mostly done, some detail work that needs to be cleaned up
    • Post on the mailing list asking for anything we missed
  • Finance
    • Warden reimbursement info has been sent to Jim, he will pay back wardens very soon.
    • Warden paypal stuff is finally set up
    • Still a lot of financial questions
    • Are we still paying the time warner connection?
  • Dustin at camp washington community meeting
    • Wants to network with a guy who buys old buildings and rents them to artists
  • Lower cost of laser minutes
    • Jon brings this up every year or two
    • Let's halve the cost of laser minutes (and double everyone's current laser balance)
    • Bring it up at the tuesday meeting, if everyone is cool with it do a vote!
  • Hive expansion?
    • The space next door is still up for rent. We're getting space constrained.
    • A couple of people have expressed interest in having a more personal workspace at a higher membership level.
    • Jon will email Grant expressing interest and asking for me details.