Board Meeting - October 10th, 2022

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Deadline for Agenda submissions is October 3rd, 2022. Any late submissions must be added to the subsequent board meeting's agenda.

Review task items from last meeting

  • All board members:
    • get your agenda items a week in advance. This will be strongly enforced going forward.
    • Please at the very least read the conflict mediation documents, if not contribute.
    • Everyone look at Kevin and Kate's new leadership orientation document-- please add links to existing documents where you know they exist.
  • Dave: send the document to Jack about the for profit-use statement to be included. Finish ideating upon the for-profit use document for future board voting and membership distribution.
  • Kostas: continue working on/ideating upon the conflict mediation documents by adding things that would be included (bullets) on what still needs to be included in the documents. Potential tuesday guest speaker--talk with Pamela
  • Jim: talk to Pamela about working on grant writing and how we can work on getting funding in the future.


Pay for infrastructure costs members are covering now?

Possible access to large grants

  • Pamela has experience managing grants, we should invite her to talk. Maybe a Tuesday talk?


Financial Report

September was a busy month and the good news just keeps getting better. Consider the following as a BRIEF SUMMARY:

  • Last month I erred in stating our membership has been holding steady at 165 souls. I have realized our +ONE membership has been undercounted by 1 to 5 members in recent months. With the correction made, total Membership rose to 170 members last month, and achieved the new ALL TIME HIGH of 177 members this month. This is super good news!
  • September operating income from membership was $6,787.73. Other September operating income came from two sources; $47.05 from Stripe soda credits and $72.40 from Amazon Smiles. Hooray for free money from Amazon Smiles!
  • Our September fixed expenses were higher ($4,904.64) compared to August's ($4,272.28). Fixed expenses traditionally include rent, insurance, PayPal fees and warden expenses. Warden expense was down ($252.79) from last month, but this month includes a one-time $897.47 reimbursement for legacy Meetup costs thru February 2023. Future fixed expenses will include Meetup costs as two $98.94 payments per year (one in February and one in August).
  • Our September discretionary expenses were high at ($9,709.87) with member votes including the expense for the new Laguna jointer and planer in the wood shop.
  • We started the month with $44,283.88 in operating funds and ended the month at $36,576.55; a net drop of ($7,707.33). Of this ending balance, $27,429.30 is "encumbered funds" for the 6-month rainy day reserve, lump-sum membership pre-payments, AC Fund Drive unspent balance, and budgeted-but-not-yet-spent membership votes.
  • With all that happened in operations this month, our discretionary reserve has dropped from $18,139.54, and now sits at $9,147.25. All indicators project remaining cash positive going forward. Slowing our discretionary expenses during Q4 of 2022, will enable rebuilding our available discretionary allowance (at about $3k per month) for our T.B.D. acquisitions in 2023.
  • Separate from operations, our Outreach activity garnered a $200 grant from Blink/ISH for our parade participation. A first $150 has already been invoiced and received against this grant. The final $50 will be invoiced for payment after the parade. A first ($69.98) for parade-related expense has been reimbursed. @mortuarymaven is doing a great job and has additional outreach opportunities in the works going forward. Valuable vintage Hive13 T-shirts remain available for purchase with proceeds going towards building our Outreach reserve.

The open finance site has been updated and this 2021/2022 summary PDF shows the details as of October 9, 2022.

COO / Operations Report


Area/Warden Reports

  • Kostas to take over as 3D Printing Warden requires Board Approval
  • John would like clarification/discussion on Warden Budgets moving forward.

CMO Report


Tech Committee Report

  • Wireguard VPN POC currently active. Limiting to leadership for time being
  • Membership data xfer strategy from intweb to Tendency is being worked worked on by Dave Velzy.
  • Individual member IT expenses total $556.0 per year. How and when should we transition these expenses to be managed by Hive13 funds?

Outreach Report

  • Made in Camp
    • We did it!
    • Gave a great showing even if it was a small crowd. People were engaged and asking questions.
    • Parade this Thursday!
    • Details on Slack
  • iSpace
    • This Saturday from 10am-2pm
    • Learn to Solder revival, we have a solid crew
    • If anyone has a spare like table cloth, would be solid
  • T-Shirts
    • Shifting to have a solid merch market online through a MTO site like Redbubble etc. and do fun, weird limited edition designs through local shops



  • Jim Dallam
  • John Clark
  • Kostas
  • Will B
  • Kate Cook
  • Chris Davis
  • Paul Vincent
  • Chris Hodapp
  • Dave Schwinn
  • Kevin McLeod
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Dave Velzy
  • Jack Margeson

Meeting transcript (rough):


  • Please have board meeting agenda items on the wiki ~1 week in advance
  • Read & comment the conflict mediation document [1]
  • Kevin & Kate new leadership document

For profit use of the space

  • Dave V & for profit-use statement. We need to review additional information from Will B.
    • We want to accomidate limited use of members making things for money, as long as there is no impact on the rest of the makerspace in an adverse way. And this is going to be an ongoing conversation.
    • Chris D: This is really hard to police & monitor. Commercial use almost always has an impact on the rest of the space.
      • This is fine in general, but what if you start sucking up all the network bandwidth with video conferences
    • Kevin: Single statement: "Commercial use is fine until it has an impact on other members use of the space"
    • Chris D: Extended wear & tear on tools due to commercial activity? This is just really hard to police. I don't want to restrict activity for limited use of the space.
    • Kate: needs further development
    • Will B is here, and is willing to answer questions after the meeting.


  • Potential tuesday guest speaker

Jim, Pamela, & grants

  • Pamela is willing to be a 2nd tuesday speaker.
  • Check slack #leadership_discussion, tuesday october 4th.
  • Kate: We need to put as as possible in #leadership_discussion vs. #leadership_private
  • Chris D: We need to put more on Discourse vs. Slack

Committees & Officers


Ryan Anderson

  • Contacted as many people as he could, about $556 / yr out of membership pockets
  • There is a google spreadsheet, see above agenda
  • What does the board want to do to approve this?
  • Credit card?
  • Annual IT budget approval?
  • TODO: Ryan & Jim will work on getting these transfered.

Credit Card

  • Kevin: What about a Hive13 credit card
  • John: Has a PayPal credit card
  • Kevin: We are going off topic
  • Will B: there is a way of limiting credit card use & distributing cards while controlling access
  • Chris H: does something similar
  • Kayla's work
  • TODO: Chris Hodapp will take ownership w/ Jim. Check #slack
    • Paul will add an agenda item for next month

Finance (Jim)

  • Check slack #finance, check the agenda
  • Read the summary if you want more info.

COO (John)

  • Formally approve Kostas as 3d printer warden
  • Kostas might prefer to be CMO, and will only accept the 3d printer warden on an interim basis so they can focus on CMO
  • Kevin: How about we approve you, but Kostas immediately makes a post saying I accept this, but we want someone else to step up and take this over.
  • Side conversation about nominations for CMO (there weren't any until now)
  • Warden Budget
    • Gone over the budget the last few months ~$800 vs the $600 approved.
    • A few items caused us to go over the budget (camera for Laser, emergency laser laptop repair, soda machine refill)
    • Kate: Considers this similar to the previous Credit Card conversation
    • Chris D: Do we have documentation that is accessible to leadership about where the warden budget goes?
    • John: There is a spreadsheet
    • Multiple: Please share that document with the board. A copy. A read-only copy. anything.
    • John & Jim: Share the warden budget spreadsheet

Tech Committee part 2

  • VPN for leadership is available
  • IT expenses
    • See agenda
    • TODO: Jim will reach out to members about expenses


  • Made in Camp was a success, it was cold
    • See who shows up on tuesday!
  • Blink is this thursday!
    • Details on slack
    • Carpool
    • Talk to Kostas for details (Green section, D3. Entry number might change, green section should stay constant)
  • Learn to Solder - This saturday
    • Please bring tablecloths
  • T-Shirts
    • Merch catalog from an online merch site.
    • Order to size as needed

Action Items

  • All leadership: please look over Kate and Kevin's new leadership document and bring revisions and other notes to next month's meeting.
  • Ryan Anderson and Jim Dallam: work on getting all current member paid tech expenses moved over to the Hive budget (~$555).
  • Chris Hodapp and Jim Dallam: Research and choose a good credit card service for the Hive leadership. Kayla might have good input on this topic.
  • John Clark and Jim Dallam: work on making the warden budget spreadsheet more accessible.