Board Meeting - October 9th, 2023

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Deadline to add items: Midnight on October 2nd, 2023

Items for Discussion/Action


  • Treasurer's report by Jim Dallam
  • COO
    • Last month I said Member storage requests have been very low but that was not expected to last.
      • Over half of the available spots had been taken by the time of the board meeting.
      • We have very few spots left.
      • We are working on solutions but I believe we will have periods where spots are not immediately available.
    • The heat reflective film is still at 5 of the 18 front windows. (28%)
      • Dave Velzy has said he will continue to monitor and encourage this process.
    • Limits on tool borrowing:
      • Discussion of problems and concerns.
    • Certifications:
      • At the last Wardens meeting Kostas indicated that people are having problems learning how and where to get certified.
        • Work is being done on improving warden area signage to make it clearer.
        • Other improvements are in process and may be available by the board meeting.
    • Hive expenses
      • Large expenses were unusually high in September. See details here.
      • Expenses are predicted to increase. Likely reasons:
        • Most expenses are roughly proportional to the number and activity of members. We are getting more members than we expected.
        • Inflation
        • Plus we have had a few expenses to accommodate the needs of increasing membership.
        • We are starting to see expenses related to the Dungeon.
  • CMO (addition for 10/9 meeting)
    • Annual Survey Result Review
      • Any questions?
    • Updating/Creating New Informational Content for Hive13
      • New Board Member Welcome Packet
        • Renée and I (Kostas) have started working on a new board member welcome packet. We will have something to present next month.
      • New Member Welcome Email Update
        • A lot of members responded to the survey saying they are unclear in basic Hive13 things like contacting wardens, certifications, etc. so we will be updating the email as to provide better guidance and information out the gate.
  • Outreach (addition for 10/9 meeting)
    • Hustling and bustling! MiC on 10/14
      • A big thanks to Lisa C. and Jackson B. for watching over it and for helping with my (Kostas) blunder.
      • Super chill event, great opportunity for people to view the space and meet us.
      • We will not be doing signups then simply for managing the chaos.
    • CMC engagement on 10/21
      • Getting prepped, working on worksheets and fun adornments to sew.

Area/Warden Reports

  • Woodshop
    • Ben Sims & Tyler Wertz need confirmation as Woodshop wardens. Many thanks to both of them for stepping up.



- Jack

- Jim

- Kate

- Ryan

- Shaun

- Kevin

- Renee

- Dave Velzy

- Kostas

- John Clark

- Chris Davis

- Ben Sims

- Chris Hodapp

- Molly

- Vincent

**Minutes**: 07:31:17pm–09:04:42pm


- Board voted yes to create a committee for the guest usage of certified tools.

- Board voted yes to certified new woodshop wardens Ben Sims and Tyler Wertz

Items for discussion:

- Annual meeting/vote poll update

   - Proposal for Sunday, March 24th from Paul Picton

   - Every school is on Spring Break

   - Requires a bylaw change in order to remove constraint in July

   - Proposal from Chris Davis: Sunday, July 21st

- Bylaw revision to address election quorum

   - Do we still need this? Us setting the date for the annual meeting already might mitigate needed to change election quorum

   - Ongoing planning could allow us to make it more into an event, boosting election turnout

- Guest usage of certified tools

   - CURRENT LINE: Only Members may operate tools requiring certification. Some tools are off limits to anyone under 18

   - There are two proposals by Kevin and Velzy about a change of this line in the membership agreement

   - What policy changes to the membership agreement need to be made?

   - What does having minors in the space do to our liability and how does that play with our insurance?

   - Velzy has been advised by the lawyer that we have limited liability and everything that we do to expand that edges closer to that threshold

   - This is very in the weeds–we need to revisit this after a talk with the lawyer and a revision of the membership agreements

   - **There are TWO parts of this discussion**:

       - What tools are certified (we need an updated list). A definition of certification.

       - Which people can use those certified tools (this is lawyer territory)


- CFO, Jim

   - Remained cash positive and have room for improvement

   - Added 5 more members, up to 233 members

   - Net rev. $5,511,72

   - In total: we're doing good.

- COO, John

   - Member storage going quick (around 10 a month)

       - More racks in the dungeon under discussion

   - Heat reflective film on 5/28 windows

   - Limits on tool borrowing:

       - A lot of the feedback on this system has been negative

       - There needs to be a better tracking system for the tool borrowing

   - Certifications:

       - Can we make some kind of posters for wardens?

       - Sending more information to new people through the welcome email:

- CMO/Outreach, Kostas

   - Annual survey review is up and you should take a look at it if possible

   - Renee and Kostas are working on a new introductory board member packet

Action items:

- Kevin: Creating a list of issues for the committee that oversees the discussion over guest usage of certified tools

- Molly: Create a list of anecdotes for current operating procedures at the Hive and creating a survey on how people react to those

- Shaun: Revisit the list of certification only tools w/ guest usage committee

- Kostas/Ryan: Revisit the information we give out in the welcome email so they know about certifications and wardens