Board Meeting - September 10th, 2018

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Board Meetings
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  • Review of Action Items from last meeting
  • Open Finance Website updates
  • Membership Status
    • Now a weekly thread for late payments
    • Update membership application policies
      • What to do with the new bylaw changes?
      • How long before an application expires?
      • What constitutes progress or continued interest on an applicant's part?
  • Warden positions to fill
    • Metal - Open
  • Buzzkill
    • It's fast coming online.
    • Submitting tickets via will be up soon.
    • Wardens should get their accounts soon.
    • Waiting for DNS entries to make it available outside of the Hive.
    • We'll be organizing it as we go.
  • Open House
    • October 20th
    • What still needs to be done?
    • Advertising
      • reddit
      • Cincinnati Discord
      • Made in Camp Week
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture
    • Ordo ex chao
    • Social Events
      • Movie Night
      • Board Game Night
    • Outreach
    • reddit weekend happenings
    • Classes