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This is a list of all Wiki pages for projects actively being worked on in the space. Find one you like and join it!

Delta 3D PrinterBrochure-Hive13-Logo-1200h.png31 January 2018
DumpstorBrochure-Hive13-Logo-1200h.png29 June 2016
Finance websiteBrochure-Hive13-Logo-1200h.png21 November 2016
Hackerspace Open SwitchOpen.png4 December 2010
IntwebBrochure-Hive13-Logo-1200h.png24 February 2017
Learn2SolderLearn2Solder.jpg20 March 2014
Power series racingDIY Project Webpage.png
RFID AccessArduino-RFID-Door-Lock.jpg12 January 2012

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