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This is a list of all Wiki pages for projects actively being worked on in the space. Find one you like and join it!

Cin-D LOUCin-D.jpg1 January 2012
DIY Polymer Kitchen ChemistryChemistryIsLikeCooking.svg9 June 2016
DIY Project WebpageDIY Project Webpage.png20 March 2014
Gh-Gh-Gh-Ghost Voice!In-use circuit, wooo.jpg1 September 2015
Glass Block LED Matrix5350518161.jpg21 October 2009
HIVE13 APIARYHive13 boxSm.png1 April 2014
Hive13 IRC BotIRSSI.png14 June 2010
Home BrewHomeBrew.jpg1 June 2012
Learn2SolderLearn2Solder.jpg20 March 2014
Popcorn MachinePopcornMachine.jpg6 May 2014
Power Tool Drag RacingPTDR.png1 April 2013
RFID AccessArduino-RFID-Door-Lock.jpg12 January 2012
Reflow Toaster1 January 2013
VRL Hive13Vrl-logo-hive13.png28 August 2012