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This is a list of all Wiki pages for projects actively being worked on in the space. Find one you like and join it!

Asset Tracking and ReportingAsset Tag Round.JPG15 August 19 JL
Delta 3D PrinterBrochure-Hive13-Logo-1200h.png31 January 2018
DumpstorBrochure-Hive13-Logo-1200h.png29 June 2016
Finance websiteBrochure-Hive13-Logo-1200h.png21 November 2016
Hackerspace Open SwitchOpen.png4 December 2010
IntwebBrochure-Hive13-Logo-1200h.png24 February 2017
Learn2SolderLearn2Solder.jpg20 March 2014
Power series racingDIY Project Webpage.png
RFID AccessArduino-RFID-Door-Lock.jpg12 January 2012

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