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Hive13 Offers classes to both the members and to the general public. Sometimes guest speakers will be brought in to teach for half the whatever is charged at the door. There are also member only classes and public classes where members get in free or with a discount. We also have straight up free classes. The type of class will be posted along with class details.

All class events are posted in the Events calendar

Proposed Classes

The below entries are proposed classes that have not been setup yet.

  • Art & Design Classes
    • Intro to Screen Printing
    • Blender Modeling Techniques
    • Blender Game Engine
  • Computer Security Classes
    • WiFi Security
  • Electronics
    • Soldering Techniques
  • Misc
    • Lockpicking 101

Can you teach a class?

If you can teach anything and would like to have a class at Hive13, put your name, date and topic down right here and people can sign up for it.


Teacher: Dave

Date: TBD

Length: approximately 1-2 hours; depends on class size

Fee: $0


  • You bring: scrap paper
  • I provide: paper shredder, blender, screens, vats, "felts"

Lesson Plan:


Past Classes


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