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Hive13 permits members to leverage Hive13 resources for their own benefit. This includes:

  • Yes, you may WFH - Work from Hive13 - Just like home, though, Hive13 is a noisy busy place.
  • Yes, you may sell hobby projects that you make at Hive13. The money you earn is yours.
  • Yes, you may develop intellectual property, but don’t expect Hive13 to keep a secret.
  • No, you may not run a startup business at Hive13 or have employees working from Hive13.

However, if you do so, here are few requirements:

  • Be an Excellent Member of the Community – Be a Maker, Not a Taker
  • Clean up after yourself. Leave the workspace in better condition than you found it.
    • Clean up daily. Leave the workspace ready for other members to use.
    • Clear tables, sweep the floors, take out the trash, do your dishes.
  • Avoid hogging equipment and workspace.
    • Your looming deadline does not constitute an emergency for Hive13 members.
    • Let other members play through if possible or give a realistic estimation of when you'll be done and try to honor that time.
    • Adjust your work time to match low use hours in the shop.
  • Don't use up Hive13 consumables. Replenish things that you use.
    • If you use it a lot, please provide it for yourself.
  • Offer Hive13 members the ability to get in on large material orders.
    • Share good prices and share shipping costs.
  • Equipment gets worn out, broken or damaged.
    • When you find something wrong: email us at, tell us on Slack and mark it as broken with a red parking ticket.
    • Be honest and say, oops if you damage the equipment.
    • Be the first to raise your hand to help repair equipment.
  • Equipment remains broken for a while.
    • Be careful making plans based on volunteer-maintained equipment.
  • If your business routinely needs production equipment you need your own shop.
  • Consider renting studio space from 2701SG and just using Hive13 tools in the space.
    • Hive13 hand tool loans are short term only. 2 days maximum. Check with COO.
    • Hive13 does not loan any non-hand tools.
  • Do not abuse open work areas or the member storage and parking pass system.
  • Don't compromise Hive13’s outstanding relationship with our landlord.
  • Do not abuse guest privileges. Guests must complete a Liability Waiver upon arrival.
    • Do not leave guests unsupervised. You are responsible for your guests.
      • When you leave, your guests leave.
    • Guests may not use certification-only tools.
    • Guests/coworkers/employees should become members
  • Allowing anyone other than you to use your access card to enter the space is grounds for membership termination.

In summary, be extra excellent and everything will go smoothly.

It is within the scope of Hive13's 501c3 charter to support innovation and / or development. For example to use Hive13 tools for those odd tasks that you don’t have the capability to perform, to build prototypes, and a few units of an item for sale. (Fewer than 10)

Hive13 may not be the production facility for your for profit business. In general, Hive13 will not proactively police members' usage of resources, however Hive13 has a duty to ensure the proper use of the space.

The following could be construed as an abuse ofHive13 resources and warrant investigation and/or action by Hive13 leadership:

  • Shipping large volumes of materials to Hive13 and/or shipping completed goods from Hive13
  • Listing Hive13 as a business address
  • Serial production of similar projects in volume
  • Excessive use of storage
  • Meeting clients at Hive13
  • Excessive use of resources
  • Arrangements for exclusive use of resources with Officers, Directors or Wardens
  • Excessive use of Hive13 facilities which leads to complaints from other members