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Cornerstone Corner Storage, Member Storage, Parking Tag System, Project Parking Area, Purgatory, Vertical Long Storage, Vertical Sheet Storage

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Every Hive13 member is eligible for a standard Member Storage space, and for temporary projects, members may reserve a Vertical Sheet Storage or Vertical Long Storage space. Active projects may also be stored in the project parking area, so long as the rules of the Parking Tag System are followed, renewing the parking permit every 2 weeks.

As a "thank you" and courtesy to our members who choose to pay the Cornerstone Member dues, we additionally have available Cornerstone Corner Storage spaces. Each cornerstone member may be assigned one of these spaces for the duration they maintain the cornerstone membership.

These spaces are 48" x 48" stalls, marked on the floor with floor marking tape. There are 12 spaces available, to be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If more members are interested in paying the cornerstone membership rate than there are spaces, there will be a waiting list created.


The usage of the spaces is up to the member, and creativity is encouraged.

Some ideas for how to use the space may include, but are not limited to:

There are some rules though:

  • Due to floor loading limits (75 lb. / sq. ft.), no more than 1200 lb. may be placed in any single space.
  • No structures taller than 8 feet tall. Anything over 6 feet tall needs to be anchored to the floor or a wall. For sheet good and long material storage, this means a "stall" or "bin" type structure must be built and anchored.
  • limit cement anchors in the floor to a maximum of 6X 3/8-in Wedge Anchors.
  • One NEMA 5-15 outlet will be provided per space, within a few feet of the space for things like battery chargers, and for the member to use while in the space. Chargers may remain plugged in while the member is not in the space, however, do not leave any active machine/computer/device plugged in when you are not at Hive13, and no power strips should be left plugged in when not at the hive. ABSOLUTELY no heat sources should be used in these spaces, such as heaters, toaster ovens, or glue guns.
  • Members assigned a Cornerstone Corner Storage Space are not eligible for Vertical Sheet Storage or Vertical Long Storage
  • Be courteous in how you use the space, and don't do anything that would inhibit other member's ability to use Hive13 comfortably. Leadership maintains the right to disallow anything that might be a problem or an overstep of the intent of providing these spaces.