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No longer at hive13

CraftRobo aka Silhouette

This device is a papercutting machine that can automatically cut shapes that you design on your computer. It resembles a small inkjet printer, but instead of a print head it has a small cutting blade. See:

How to use the device

A workstation for this device is being set up and configured in 1A. See below if you want to set up the software on your own PC.

Paper types / Changing blades



You're going to want to set up this program called Robocut:

There is a PPA for it, if you're into that kind of thing:

Robocut accepts SVG files as input. AFAICT, Robocut does not support different cut types based on line color like the official Craft ROBO app. You have to convert your dashed lines to actual dashed lines instead of just making them a different color.


The official Craft ROBO software is available at:

Other useful software