Dec 4, 2012

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

Ongoing Business

  • Selling FDM-2000 & DesignJet 5500, updates?

New Business


  • Jim
  • Jordan - Did robot design judging
  • Dan Hopkiins (Guest) Duke Energy works with Brent Shields, Brewer
  • Dave Menninger
  • Bill Steele - 3D Printer, PiMaker has been announced
  • Craig - Finances,
  • Emily
  • Madam "Not Appearing in this film"
  • Nancy (Guest)
  • Jason - Solid state theramin
  • Chris Anderson - Finals next week, group project he is working
  • Chris Hodapp - Glass block LED display project, working on the DJ integration with the display.
  • Richard Cornell - (Guest) 3d printers, interested in electronics


  • Election last week
    • Bylaws passed
    • Electio nwas valid
    • Major thanks to Jon for his help
    • Jim is the new president
    • New CTO is Dave Blundel
    • Officer Reports, Dave B. & Jim added stuff to website
  • Jim
    • Makerfaire in Cincinnati
    • Jim will be talking to people about what they are interested in
      • Network has been redone
  • Network stuff done
    • Everything was cleaned up
    • New firewall server, should be working, is fairly stable now.
    • Printer IP has changed
  • 2nd Tuesday Committee
    • Speaker for december, Mideval re-enactment group
    • Another 2nd tuesday idea was Roanne
    • Trying to find a welding speaker
      • Tiffany & Mike? Tye's cousin?
      • Brian (Lockpicking cop) has a friend, See Jim
  • Classes for Centerfuse?
    • Lockpicking, something simple & Small
    • They want a schedule in advance
    • Soldering class, small soldering kits
    • Has to be mobile & simple
  • 2600 this friday
    • Chris Anderson is working, so he needs someone to go open the space.
    • XIO2 will open the space, he needs someone to open it at 7pm